Definition El mero mero is a mexico slang expression that we use as a synonym that ‘ big boss’. As a result, it might be interpreted as ‘head honcho’ or ‘top dog’. Additionally, this phrase can additionally be interpreted as ‘the best’. Keep in mind that el mero mero refers to a man. La mera mera is that feminine form.

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What go ‘El mero mero’ mean?

Translation #1: that a synonym of ‘big boss’, ‘top dog’ and ‘head honcho’.Translation #2: El mero mero is likewise translated as ‘the best’.

How and also When to usage ‘El mero mero’?

As a synonym that ‘big boss’, ‘head honcho’, ‘top dog’ or ‘big cheese’. This slang expression is used to express that someone is the boss or has the many authority in a firm or institution. Since el mero mero refers come a human being with the greatest authority, Spanish speakers likewise use the to speak in a funny way about various other authoritative figures such as parents or partners. In this context, this slang expression is interpreted as ‘big boss’, ‘big cheese’, ‘top dog’ or ‘head honcho’.As a synonym that ‘the best’. This slang expression also has the purpose to explain that a human is the ideal at certain activities.

How to usage El mero mero

In the complying with sections, we’ll display you how to use the expression through some examples and some phrase structures the will enable you to apply this slang phrase in your conversations.

As a synonym the ‘big boss’, ‘head honcho’, ‘top dog’ or ‘big cheese’

In this context, el mero mero is supplied to refer to a human being that has actually the greatest authority in a agency or other places. Together a result, this expression is usually used to bosses; however, Mexicans additionally apply the to your parents and also partners.

¡Cállate, cállate! Ahí viene el mero mero Hush, hush! right here comes the huge boss

Mañana tengo una junta con el mero mero de Recursos Humanos morning I have a meeting with the huge cheese from person Resources

El mero mero has a feminine type since the an expression expected to define a person – which can be masculine or female. Below are some examples of how to usage this phrase when talking about women:

¿Escuchaste que Marta es la mera mera de la compañía? Did girlfriend hear that Marta is the head honcho the the company?

Habla con tu mamá, ya sabes que ella es la mera mera de la casa talk to her mom, you understand that she the boss of the house

As a synonym that ‘the best’


In Mexico and El Salvador, el mero mero is likewise used come express the a human is the best at other or the is the best of a group of people. Here is the phrase structure the we usage in this case as well as some examples.

+ el mero mero + del/de la +

Polo es el mero mero de la banda Polo is the best of the band

Julián es el mero mero del equipo de natación Julian is the best on the swim team

+ el mero mero + del/de la +

Vanessa es la mera mera de la clase Vanesa is the ideal in the class

When wanting come express that someone is the best at something we’ll usage the complying with structure:

+ el mero mero + en +

Pablo es el mero mero en clavados Pablo is the finest at diving

Lucas es el mero mero en computación Lucas is the best with computers

+ la mera mera + en +

Hanna es la mera mera en español Hanna is the finest at Spanish

Also be aware that, if the paper definition is clean enough, you deserve to use the expression alone: by context, human being can recognize the task you’re implicitly talk about.

Yo soybean beans el mero mero i’m the best

Alejandra se cree la mera mera, pero no lo es Alejandra feels favor she to be the best, yet she’s not

Who can You use ‘El mero mero’ With?

This phrase, as well as its feminine form, is a slang expression. Therefore, you just use the in unshened circumstances. So for instance, when meaning ‘boss’, you have the right to use it with your coworkers or friends to refer to another person. However, you wouldn’t use it directly with your boss.

When it’s a synonym of ‘the best’ you likewise apply it in not blocked conversations. Both meanings are widely offered as long as you’re cautious to use them in the exactly situation. One point that you must keep in psychic is the ‘mero’ is a Spanish word v multiple meanings, so nothing be surprised if friend hear this indigenous in formal context or with various other meanings.

Other means to speak ‘El mero mero’

Here are various other synonyms that you deserve to use to change ‘el mero mero’ as soon as needed.

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El mejor/La mejor This is the direct translation that ‘the best’. As a result, you can use that in both formal and informal contexts.