An adverb is a word that defines a verb, an adjective, or various other adverbs (e.g. To operation quickly, an extremely tired).

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I realized later on that ns left my secrets at home.Me di cuenta después que había dejado las llaves en casa.
I had to take it a later on flight because the meeting was postponed.Tuve que tomar un vuelo posterior porque habían aplazado la reunión.

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An adverb is a indigenous that defines a verb, one adjective, or various other adverbs (e.g. To run quickly, very tired).
the gun to be later found in his flat más tarde se encontró la pistola en su piso; two years/ten minutes later on dos años/diez minutos después or más tarde; I"ll carry out it later on lo haré luego or más tarde; later, when all the guests had actually left luego or más tarde, cuando todos los invitados se habían marchado; later I discovered that he had lied más tarde descubrí que había mentido; numerous whiskies later, ns was fairly the worse for wear después de varios whiskies, se me empezaban a notar los efectos; later than intended más tarde de lo esperado
all essays have to be handed in no later on than Monday todos los trabajos deben entregarse el lunes a más tardar
it to be only later on that ns learned the truth no descubrí la verdad hasta más tarde; solo más tarde descubrí la verdad
later on that night I got an unexpected phone call later that afternoon/evening castle boarded the train for Salamanca later that afternoon/evening later that afternoon she got a phone call from her father she met Barney because that a drink later that evening
later on, castle went for a to walk I"ll be seeing him after that we didn"t go out until after that I didn"t realise what I"d done until after that If interest rates go up and also down, people only feel the effects after that Later on, ns accompanied the police come the flat, whereby we discovered his body later on on, Leslie"s problem became much more severe
we"ll be managing this in much more detail after that trataremos esto a fondo más tarde or más adelante; later on that day/night aquel día/aquella noche más tarde; later on in the play/film más adelante en la obra/película; afterwards in the morning/afternoon/evening más entrada la mañana/tarde/noche
afterwards in the evening, the setting was still very tense We"ll have actually a much better idea the what"s happening a tiny bit after that in the morning
Violence in childhood can reason psychological problems afterwards in life ...vaccinating children versus a disease that they may acquire later on in life
negotiations will certainly be hosted at a later stage he did not ascendancy out in ~ a later on stage registered members being offered a limited vote