What is the difference between De Nada and No es problema? they both median "no problem", or "it was nothing", right?


"De nada": It method like "you"re welcome". Once someone renders you a favor or provide help, you say him thanks (gracias), and then that responds v "de nada".

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"No problema": It"s quite similar, the distinction is the "No problema" is typically used prior to someone renders the favor, or provide help.


De nada:

Gracias por ayudarme con mi tarea. -De nada, fue un placer.

No problema:

Me puedes recoger del colegio a las 3:00. - Claro, no hay problema.



While "De nada" means "you space welcome", "No problema" is no a correct sentence in chrischona2015.org.

The correct way of using the second sentence would certainly be: "No hay problema" or "No es problema" i m sorry literally translates right into "No problem" and "it"s no a problem" respectively.

Other than that, the difference in between using one or one more was well described in the answer detailed by


Yeah, but "No problem" isn"t technically correct English either. Language is fluid.

I hear chrischona2015.org speakers saying "No Problema", probably they"re influenced by cross-cultural contamination, but it just isn"t true the no one claims "No problema".


Having lived three years in Mexico, ns heard both "de nada" and also "por nada" offered for the English "you"re welcome". "De" can mean either "from" or "of", while "por" method "for".

Things perform not constantly translate literally in between languages, but think that both of these as meaning "It to be nothing", or "Don"t cite it" in English.

Also, think of the negative chrischona2015.org speaker discovering English, trying to number out why castle shouldn"t point out something!

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