Today, I desire to teach you exactly how to speak shut-up in Spanish? Which, through the way, reminds me the a common mistake the English speakers make once speaking Spanish. The Spanish native “quieto” walk not median the English word “quiet” or “silent.”

The Spanish native “quieto” method still or motionless:

El entrenador le enseña al perro a quedarse quieto cuando se lo ordena.The trainer teaches the dog to continue to be still once he order it.

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But the Spanish word “callado” way quite or silent.

Ella es una chica muy callada y tímida.She’s a an extremely quiet and also shy girl.

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How come Say Shut-Up In Spanish

And this is how you tell who to shut-up in Spanish:

¡Cállate! – shut-up!

¡Cállate la boca! – shut her mouth!

But a more polite way to tell who to “shut-up” in Spanish is “silencio” (silence)

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