Some punch of luck has actually landed friend in the residence of a local, that is preparing a common Brazilian dessert called brigadeiro.

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It’s chocolate, i beg your pardon is obviously her favorite.

Honestly, friend couldn’t have imagined a much more perfect, happy ar if girlfriend tried.

Your hold offers part brigadeiro to you. “Obrigado” (thank you), you say, mirroring off your language mastery and also impeccable manners.

But wait! ~ above hearing you, that retracts the hot balls that sugary chocolate goodness and also goes to placed them ago in the fridge, leaving friend empty-handed.

Why!? was it your pronunciation? did you to speak something wrong? should you not have said, “Thank you?”

Don’t permit this take place to you!

This short article will be your handy guide to all the ins and outs of saying thank you in Portuguese and also will ensure that you gain your desserts.

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5 simple Tips to help You practice “Thank you” and Other phrases in Portuguese

Becoming conversational in Portuguese is less complicated than you could think. It yes, really comes down to day-to-day practice, and luckily there’s a wide range of sources you have the right to use to make Portuguese practice something you look front to every day. Here’s a list of some of the most engaging resources and also ideas for daily practice that you have the right to do indigenous anywhere.

1. Attend language meet-ups utilizing sites like Meetup and Couchsurfing.

One the the ideal parts that the internet-crazed human being is the potential it gives us to acquire connected. For language learning, there’s nothing much better than conference a team of people as excited around practicing this languages together you are. Sites prefer Couchsurfing and Meetup often have language teams that fulfill to practice all kinds of languages. Examine them out and also see if there’s a team that meets close to you!

2. Get a Brazilian pen pal from an international Penfriends.

If you’re someone who prefers written interaction or you desire to practice your writing and reading skills, an international Penfriends is an remarkable resource. It’s a website that connects two people from everywhere in the world. You can pick the age, gender and location of your pen pal, and also you can also decide if you’d rather interact through email or traditional snail mail.

3. See authentic language instances using’s video clip library.


If you’re favor most people who are learning a language, climate you favor to sound like a native speaker. To perform that, you should expose you yourself to really dialogue.’s Portuguese regime is the ultimate means to execute this, every while watching funny videos! take away entertaining, real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and also inspiring talks—and turns them right into personalized language lessons. Use the video clip library search function to uncover content that offers vocabulary likeObrigado in authentic contexts.

Or, browser videos through playlist, subject or language level. The interaction subtitles let friend click on any type of word to look it increase while you’re watching! you can likewise test your knowledge with funny quizzes or continue practicing v customized vocabulary lists and flashcard sets.

4. Check out this Quizlet set.

A few minutes per day studying this Quizlet collection will gain you comfortable saying give thanks to you in every sorts the contexts and also give you a opportunity to test you yourself on what you’ve learned.

5. Teach your friends and family Portuguese phrases.

Ever heard the the maxim, “If you deserve to teach it, you have it mastered?” Not only will teaching those roughly you give you an ext opportunities to practice, but you may likewise be surprised just how well this phrases pole in your mind after teaching them to someone else.

How to Say say thanks to You in Portuguese (Plus Phrases because that “No, thank You” and also “You’re Welcome!”)

In your Portuguese language journey, you’ll absolutely encounter all sorts of cases to say thank you. This phrases will help you impress people in both formal and also informal situations.

The Most typical Phrases and also How to usage Them

Common “thank you” phrases

Obrigado(a) (Thank you)

This is by far the many common and easiest means to say thank you in Portuguese. It’s one adjective relenten the speaker, virtually like the expression “much obliged” in English.

Não, Obrigado(a), or simply Obrigado(a) (No, say thanks to you)

This one depends greatly on context and also non-verbal clues. If who is supplying something come you, Obrigadocan it is in a polite refusal, especially when paired v body language that suggests a absence of desire. Speak não, obrigado, however, is constantly a safe means of politely transforming down someone’s offer.

Important Note: Remember as soon as that local available you some delicious Brazilian coco brigadeiro? If friend don’t feel like having actually any, feel totally free to to speak Não, obrigadoor obrigado while putting your hands up in former of you together if girlfriend couldn’t eat another bite. However, if you do desire some, you deserve to say:

Sim, obrigado. (Yes, say thanks to you.)

Quero, obrigado. (I desire some, thank you.)

Obrigado. (Thank you.) — to speak this when nodding your head or making an additional nonverbal cue that you really carry out want to enjoy the treat.

Muito Obrigado (Thank you really much)

This is the most basic way to include emphasis to your thanks.

Grammatical rules to store in mind

Gender: Obrigado vs.Obrigada

Because it’s an adjective, obrigadois offered to define the speaker. If the speaker is male, they should use obrigado. Female speakers will usage obrigada instead.

Plural: Obrigados/Obrigadas

When speak on instead of of much more than one person, the pluralobrigados(as) should be used. Remember, because of Portuguese gender rules, if there’s also a single male in the group, you should use Obrigados. Only usage Obrigadas if the team being described is completely female.

Using Obrigado v prepositions

When making use of obrigado in a sentence, it’s crucial to understand what prepositions must follow it. Here’s a list of the most usual prepositions you’ll use with this word.

1. Obrigado por

This is offered when combiningobrigado with a verb.

Obrigado por vir. (Thank you for coming.)

Obrigado por me ajudar. (Thank you for helping me.)

2. Obrigado pelo/pela

These contractions the the prepositionpor + o/aare used when a noun complies with obrigado,as in:

Obrigado pelo brigadeiro. (Thank you for the brigadeiro.)

Obrigado pela ajuda. (Thank you for the help.)

The official “Thank You”

Lhe agradeço (I thank you)

This phrase is handy when excessive formality is in order. If you desire to action it up also further, add por (for) and also then state the action you’re thankful for.

Lhe agradeço por me ajudar. I thank you for helping me.

Colloquial ways to say “Thank You”

When the paper definition is more casual, there are a plethora of ways that locals typically thank each other, together as:


This comes from the phrase valeu a pena,meaning “it to be worth the effort.”


These space the respective augmentative and also diminutive versions ofobrigado.Depending on emphasis, they can mean “thank you an extremely much” or simply include flare to your thanks!


This abbreviation ofobrigado is often used through younger crowds and is practically exclusively supplied in text communication and also on social media and messaging apps.

Two means to to speak “Thank You” That work-related in any type of Situation

agradecido(a) (Thankful)

grato(a) (Grateful)

These room both basic terms that are neither extremely formal nor extremely informal and, therefore, can be provided in most contexts. Remember, the same gender, plural and also preposition rules apply here similar to obrigado.

5 unique Ways to Say “You’re Welcome”

Though all these phrases have the right to be used like “You’re welcome,” a an ext direct translation has actually been contained for each.

De nada (Of nothing/it was nothing)

Por nada (For nothing)

Com prazer (With pleasure)

Não há de quê (There is no reason)

Às suas ordens (At your orders)

Imagina (Imagine)

Other valuable Portuguese Vocabulary to rise Your Manners

Learning come say give thanks to you is more than likely the an initial step towards impeccable Portuguese manners, however it’s certainly not the last one. Here’s a list of various other words and also phrases you can use to show off her bons modos (good manners).

Por donate (Please)

Por favor, faz um brigadeiro para mim. (Please, do a brigadeiro for me.)

Com licença (Excuse me)

This one is supplied when do the efforts to obtain someone’s attention, however without admitting any fault, together as once trying to get by someone on a liven subway car.

Com licença, eu quero passar. (Excuse me, I desire to pass.)

Desculpe-me (Excuse me/sorry)

Like the vault phrase, this deserve to be provided to gain someone’s attention, but it can additionally be used to recognize fault or say sorry.

Desculpe-me pela bagunça. (Sorry because that the mess.)

Sinto muito (Sorry/I feel very bad)

Finally, this phrase is used to lament someone’s situation, but again without admitting fault.

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Sinto muito pela sua perda. (Sorry for your loss.)

Está daqui! (It’s indigenous here!)

Idioms prefer this one can aid you sound an ext like a native speaker! This particular idiom is good for showing just how much you enjoy a certain food. It’s typically used in Portugal and also basically states that something is an excellent because it comes from a specific area.

Hopefully, you’ve learned every you should feel confident as soon as thanking someone or responding to thanks in every context. With these tips and phrases, you’ll be certain to never miss out on out on the delicious brigadeiro!