Here space Some Average flight Times native Florida come California and also More?

A nonstop flight from Florida come California take away an typical of 5 hours and 5 minute at a continuous 500-mph speed. California is a large state so let’s look at a few city-to-city flights. Miami to mountain Francisco nonstop bring away 5 hours and 39 minutes while an Orlando, FL to Los Angeles nonstop flight only bring away 4 hours and also 48 minutes.

Benefits of Multi-Stop Flights

A nonstop flight is definitely the fastest method to paris from Florida come California, however multi-stop flights, additionally known as connecting flights, have actually special benefits, too. ~ above average, travelers conserve 20%-60% top top ticket prices when they choose a multi-stop flight. It is a savings any kind of traveler would certainly appreciate.

Connecting flights regularly come with pleasant surprises. Occasionally you soil in urban you’ve never visited. Various other times girlfriend land or take off throughout a beautiful sunset. With time on your hands in between flights, you have the right to stretch your legs, have a meal, shop, and also explore the airport. You’ll feeling so refreshed, you won’t mind getting ago on a aircraft again because that the next leg of her journey.

Popular Connecting Flights in between Florida and also California

Here’s a sampling that the connecting flights in between Florida and also California

Connecting City options for Miami (MIA) to mountain Francisco (SFO) Flights

Charlotte (CLT)Houston Intercontinental (IAH)Dallas-Fort precious (DFW)Denver (DEN)Phoenix (PHX)Los Angeles (LAX)

Connecting City choices for Orlando (MCO) come Los Angeles (LAX) Flights

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson international Airport (ATL)Houston Intercontinental (IAH)Dallas-Fort precious (DFW)Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Phoenix (PHX)San Francisco (SFO)

 Connecting City options for Jacksonville (JAX) come Sacramento (SMF) Flights

Charlotte (CLT)Washington Dulles (IAD)Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Houston Intercontinental (IAH)Dallas-Fort precious (DFW)Denver (DEN)

Choose Your method to Fly shore to Coast

With the suitable planning, you have the right to customize her Florida come California trip to reap the time conserving benefits of non-saw flights or the budget-pleasing savings and benefits the connecting flights. Together you deserve to see, paris from Florida to California deserve to take about 5 hrs for non-stop flights at a minimum.

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Layovers in connecting cities will add a couple of more hours. One of two people way, it’s straightforward to discover the perfect flight to fit your travel needs.

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