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Nonstop journey time

How much is the distance in between Tacoma and also Portland? The straight drive native Tacoma, United says to Portland, United states is 143 miles or 230 km, and should have actually a drive time that 2 hours in regular traffic.

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Tacoma come Portland drive time v breaks

Driving indigenous Tacoma to Portland takes around 2 hrs if you execute it nonstop, and also given the it's simply 2 hours, girlfriend probably deserve to do it in one walk without issues.

If you want to prevent along the way, though, over there are definitely interesting sights come see! take it a look in ~ the best stops ~ above a Tacoma come Portland drive for some inspiration.

What cities are between Tacoma and Portland?

If you're thinking of driving in between Tacoma and also Portland and also thinking of continuing to be a night, it's worth looking in ~ a couple of of the cities that room on the route. The most popular cities come stop between Tacoma and Portland room Olympia and also $Vancouver. Olympia is the most well-known city ~ above the route — it's much less than one hour indigenous Tacoma and 2 hours from Portland.

Going back? How far is Portland from Tacoma?

Honestly, the shouldn't different by also much, but if you're curious around the drive back, check out the turning back directions to see how much Tacoma is from Portland .

On your expedition from Tacoma come Portland, prevent by Olympia and Vancouver! Make sure to visit Olympia, the most renowned city on the route, and also see Olympia's top attractions prefer Nisqually nationwide Wildlife Refuge, Washington State Capitol, and also Hands top top Children's Museum.

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Olympia, the funding of Washington state, is at the southern finish of Puget Sound. The sprawling Washington State Capitol Campus, alongside Capitol Lake, has the stately legislative branch Building and the 1909 Governor’s Mansion. On the downtown waterfront, Percival Landing Park has actually a boardwalk and public art. An ext than 200 bird varieties visit the estuary habitat that the Billy candid Jr. Nisqually national Wildlife Refuge.