Rabbits space known roughly the world for their large ears, buck teeth, and their capability to run an extremely fast. You can see wild hare dash throughout your lawn, or friend see photos of them running v their hind legs every the way up by their face. Hare bodies to be designed to offer them rate so they deserve to dash away from their many, many natural predators.

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On average, rabbits have a maximum running speed of 30mph. Part hares can also reach speeds of 45mph. However, most rabbits carry out not reach these top speeds because they run in zig-zag movements to much better evade predators.

The residential rabbits the we store as pets will most likely never reach these optimal speeds. Remaining safe and sound in our houses keeps our rabbit companions from having to exercise high speed running. Yet even pets rabbits need an are to exercise and also run approximately as nature constructed them.

Speed the a rabbit

A rabbit’s anatomy is built to enable them come run really fast. Their an effective hind legs offer them the capability to accelerate conveniently from a standstill position. This method they can bolt far at a moment’s notice. Your hind foot also permit them come quickly readjust direction, together they zig-zag come evade predators.

A rabbit’s body was no made for lengthy distance running, however instead they are great sprinters. When we look in ~ their peak speeds, these are not sustainable numbers. Instead they are the explode of rate rabbits can attain while they run away and shot to find a location to hide from your pursuers.

There are numerous different varieties of rabbit. Many of these types have not had actually their speed straight studied and can only be assumed based upon other similar species. Cottontail rabbits and hares have received the most attention.

Cottontail rabbits

A group of rabbits that inhabit areas roughly the the people are cottontail rabbits. They make up the genus Sylvilagus and also total 20 different varieties of rabbits. Of this the east Cottontail, aboriginal to north America, has actually been learned most. These rabbits space small, commonly weighing only about 2-4 pounds. Your maximum speed is around 30mph. However because of your zig-zag to run motion, castle usually only reach around 18mph.


A Jackrabbit is often referenced as the fastest known types of rabbit. However, Jackrabbit’s are actually a species of hare. Hares are in the same family as rabbits, yet they are bigger with proportionally bigger and also stronger hind legs. Because that this reason, most types of hare are able come run fairly a bit much faster than rabbits.

Jackrabbits have the right to reach top speeds of 45mph. Castle can additionally leap a entirety 10 feet in a solitary jump! However, like rabbits, hares have tiny endurance and also can only have these bursts of speed for short periods of time. If they cannot discover a ar to hide lock are likely to it is in overrun by predators who have more endurance.

European hare (domestic)

Domestic rabbits room descended native a species that is indigenous to Europe. Lock are generally bigger 보다 cottontail rabbits (though some space bred to be smaller). European rabbits are well-known to reach height speeds of about 35mph, but most domestic rabbits carry out not reach these high speeds.

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Can rabbits safeguard themselves against predators?

When rabbits are cornered, they are able to usage their claws, teeth, and strong hind legs to attempt to fight off predators and defend themselves. However, a rabbit’s ideal defense is their capability to feeling predators early and also run away prior to they room spotted.