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My is pregnant, and also I have actually been act research, and also have found alot ~ above dog pregnancy, however nothing ~ above chrischona2015.orgs in particular. Is there anything special that I should know? everyone who has actually gone thruogh whelping?Thanks

Yikes! sitting ago with a lengthy cool one waiting for the fireworks to begin.

The very first thing you require to understand is that 10 months is way to young come be having puppies. That is like a 12 year old girl having a baby.I suggest an instant spay.Should friend decide not to spay and also take her chances, friend should know that primary and an additional inertia can be problems, c-sections are not uncommon, and also you need to watch castle 24/7 because that the an initial 2-3 weeks together the mom will by chance lie ~ above the pups and also crush them. So ns hope you have actually plenty the money set aside and can book 2-4 mainly off occupational for this project.Note to Mikey: Coward!
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The first thing you require to understand is the 10 month is means to young to be having actually puppies. It is choose a 12 year old girl having a baby.I imply an instant spay.Should friend decide not to spay and also take your chances, you should know that main and second inertia have the right to be problems, c-sections are not uncommon, and you have to watch castle 24/7 for the an initial 2-3 weeks as the mom will coincidentally lie top top the pups and also crush them. So i hope you have plenty that money collection aside and also can publication 2-4 mainly off job-related for this project.Note come Mikey: Coward!

My 10 month old is not the one having puppies, ns am no that irresponsable. I have three chrischona2015.orgs, 2 females and also one male. The pregnant female is two years old, which is old sufficient to breed, according to my vet.
You claim to it is in responsible due to the fact that you"ve asked her vet even if it is or not your bitch is old enough to breed, yet you need to come on the net for advice around what to carry out now?Sorry -- her level of responsibility is, at ideal questionable......

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Aruuu, Is"nt that what this forum is for? mine vet is no a hound expert, in truth my chrischona2015.orgs are the just ones that he treats. So, what is wrong with coming on the web asking for advice? ns assume the their are proficient breeders top top this forum that may have advantageous advice come offer. The is what ns asked for, advice, no judgements, about how reproduction is wrong, blah, blah, blah. If your were no breeders, none of us would have actually our lovely pets, did anyone ever consider that? So it is my an option to breed, and nothing anyone have the right to say will prevent me, so all of you anti-breeders, can gain off of her high horses.

It"s a concern of responsible breeding, not elimiating breeding altogether for this reason the breed would certainly die out.I don"t breed - ns rescue. But I do understand from other articles on this forum that reproduction goes far beyond having a cute and breeding it to one more cute Responsible breeders carry out the genetic testing prior to breeding to for sure a healthy and balanced litter the puppies. Over there is pre and also post natal care that I"m sure not even going to shot to get into.And ~ the litter is born you have a duty to every of those pups to make sure they live a long and also happy life. Are you ready to take them back when something happens to the home they go to? Or will certainly they end up with me - and also many others favor me - in rescue? The way your article is worded renders it sound like your got pregnant either accidently or on a whim. If that"s incorrect i apologize for the assumption, however you haven"t offered us much details to walk on.I do imply you find a vet farmiliar with chrischona2015.orgs. From the articles I have read plenty of chrischona2015.orgs MAY have actually probelms providing birth. Friend don"t desire your hound or she pups to die because someone didn"t carry out their homework.Mikey - ns hope you"ve obtained a couple of cold ones in reserve!