Today, we’ll talk about a situation in which numerous fish owners discovered themselves at part point. It’s the vacation season, and also you’re all set for her vacation, yet you can’t carry your pet with you. You’re more than likely thinking, how long can a goldfish go without food? There’s no require for that, together there are number of solutions.

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Goldfish have the right to go there is no food for approximately two weeks. Their metabolism can withstand a long time without nutrients, however it’s no a smart point to practice. Even though goldfish don’t eat every work in the wild, if they acquired used come feeding 2 or 3 times a day, staying without food for lengthy can harm them.

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How often Should friend Feed your Goldfish?What must You Feed her Goldfish?How have the right to You Feed her Goldfish as soon as You’re Away?FAQs

How Long have the right to A Goldfish walk Without Food?

Goldfish deserve to go there is no food for around 15 days. However, there’s no require or factor to leave her pet hungry. If you have actually plans to go for a an ext extended vacation, you need to ensure the your fish and also aquarium space adequately taken care of by questioning someone come feed her fish or by picking some that the holidays feeders that’ll save your fish fed.

How carry out I know If my Goldfish Is Hungry?

If her fish has actually an eat schedule it acquired used to, it’ll be certainly hungry if you miss providing food on schedule. It’s pretty common for the goldfish in the wild to miss a meal together they don’t eat every day, however they eat only as soon as they record the food.

On the other hand, captive goldfish you have actually as a pet will gain used to its eating schedule, and absent a meal will certainly make her pet hungry and possibly rather angry, for sure.

Even if friend know how long her goldfish deserve to go without having a meal, it may sometimes still express indicators of hunger. It’ll to express hunger in various ways, and also here are few of them:

If her goldfish swims in areas of the aquarium it usually doesn’t go to, it means it’s searching for food. You must pay attention and also see if it’s digging the substrate together it way it’s hungry and it’s searching for food.Fish that normally don’t scavenge yet start scavenging or inspecting the peak of the aquarium all of a sudden might make girlfriend wonder what’s happening. This indicators imply that your fish is hungry and it’s looking for food.In situation your goldfish shows indications of aggression, or if that eats quickly, it’s one more sign that your fish is hungry. Even though they do eat quickly, if you watch that that eats much faster than it generally does, it’s because it was most likely hungry for part time.If you an alert that your goldfish is slow-moving or exhilaration sluggish, it’s possible that the didn’t get enough food for part time and also it demands to eat.Some fish often tend to attack and also harass various other tank mates as soon as hungry, however it doesn’t necessarily median they’re hungry, as numerous reasons could’ve caused their aggression.

How frequently Should you Feed your Goldfish?

You should try to feed your goldfish 2 or 3 times per day. You need to realize that overfeeding your fish have the right to make it hard for it to digest the food, which will an outcome in aquarium water contamination.

Factors That impact How typically Should you Feed your Goldfish

In many scenarios, you must feed her adult fish once a day, however there room some exception to take into consideration as you’d need to change its enjoy the meal frequency:

The age of the goldfish – relying on the maturity of her fish, you need to adjust the feeding frequency. If your fish is young (less than one year old), you must feed it two or even three time a job as regular meals will help its healthy and balanced growth. 

Water temperature – when the water temperature is between 65° and 85° F, the line of your fish is in an optimal state, and also you should feed it two to four times a day. If the temperature is between 50° and 60° F, you should feed her fish once in 24 come 48 hours as its management is slower and it won’t digest food properly.

If the water temperature in her tank drops listed below 50° F or goes above 90° F, you have to stop providing your fish food entirely.

Feeding during breeding season – friend can provide your goldfish as much as it have the right to eat in a 15-30 minute period, and also do that 3-4 times per day, but make sure to clean the water in her tank. Providing sufficient protein come female goldfish is what help them construct healthy eggs.

Multiple fish – if friend have much more than one goldfish in your tank or pond, you have to practice a meal regimen of 2-3 times a day, and amount-wise, don’t give them an ext food 보다 they can consume in 2 minutes.

What have to You Feed your Goldfish?


You should feed her goldfish through the quantity of food it have the right to eat in a minute or two, two or 3 times a day. Ensure you don’t offer your goldfish food piece that are larger than its eye, as that’s just how much it deserve to bite in ~ a time.

How can You Feed her Goldfish when You’re Away?

We all know that cats and dogs are simple to control when going on vacation. Friend can lug them v you or also send them come pet hotels, kennels, etc., where professionals will take treatment of them each day. However, there’s no goldfish hotel yet, and even if over there were, it’s simply not feasible to relocate your fish aquarium approximately that easily.

It’s holidays time, and also your bags space ready, however you quiet don’t recognize what to perform with your goldfish, just how long her goldfish deserve to survive without eating, and also how to resolve the feeding concern that you’re facing. You shouldn’t worry as there’s a solution for every problem, and we’ve prepared several!

Before we show you our perform of solutions, we have to assure you the your goldfish will certainly survive even if it’s no fed for days. That doesn’t matter just how long friend think goldfish deserve to survive without eat because, the fact is, it can survive there is no eating for up to two weeks.

Even despite you shouldn’t leave her pet at residence without food for that long, at least you don’t have to worry too much. Over there are few of the methods that’ll assist you resolve the feeding issue when you’re the end of house on holiday:

Feeding Blocks

Feeding blocks administer fish keepers through security and peace that mind once there’s no one to feed your fish during the vacation season. Your fish will certainly have enough food if you’re away on vacation as feeding blocks dissolve in water over time. Relying on how plenty of days you’ll be away from home, girlfriend should get an appropriate size the feeder block.

Automatic Dispensers (Automatic Feeders)

You can find automatic feeders in various sizes and also shapes in almost every pet keep or online. Automatically feeders because that goldfish space usually small, and also these feeders commonly go on the side of the aquarium.

Depending top top how numerous fish you have actually in your aquarium, an automatically feeder will release food periodically, ensuring all her fish space fed but never overfed.

Hire A Fish-Sitter For her Goldfish

If you’re not into feeder blocks and also automatic feeder gadgets, there’s an additional solution for you. Girlfriend can hire a fish-sitter to take treatment of her goldfish if you’re no home. Favor you’d carry out for any kind of other pet (cat, dog, parrot, hamster), you can uncover someone to assist you out with giving food to her fish. Top top the plus side, that doesn’t need walks in the park.

Regardless of the fish-sitter and automatic feeder remedies above, girlfriend shouldn’t it is in worried because fish in her tank space pretty resilient, definition that goldfish can conveniently go without food for an extensive period.

When need to You Skip Feeding her Goldfish?

There room numerous typical reasons because of which people can’t feed their fish, including company trips, going out of town for a family visit, walking on holidays, etc. However, there are additionally some various other reasons to consider, since of i m sorry you must skip offering food to your fish.

Suppose your tank has terrible water high quality or any type of other water top quality issue. In the case, it’s encourage to stop giving food to her fish for several days till the amount of rubbish in the tank reduces. Since you already know for just how long your goldfish have the right to go without a meal, you have the right to do this without any kind of worry whatsoever.

Of course, this won’t deal with the problem. Therefore, you have actually to examine what’s causing the water top quality in her tank to walk wrong and quickly deal with it. You can either try with smaller meals or through a far better filtration mechanism for her tank. This should assist you settle the water in her aquarium quickly and prevent her fish from acquiring sick.

Another usual reason because of i m sorry you have to temporarily stop providing your fish its meals is if it’s suffering from swim bladder disease. Swim bladder disease occurs as soon as their digestive street is blocked. If that’s the case, girlfriend shouldn’t feed her goldfish for a preferably of three days, and also it’ll aid resolve the blockage.


How execute I recognize If I’m feeding mine goldfish sufficient food?

You will understand if you are feeding her goldfish enough if the doesn’t swim upside down. As soon as goldfish swims that means around the tank, it method it’s experiencing from swim bladder worries that happen due to lack of food.

Can goldfish go a day without food?

Yes, a goldfish have the right to go a day there is no food with no problems. In some cases, it’s recipient to skip feeding your fish because that one day, like when the water temperature in her tank is below 50° F or over 90° F because its line is means too slow-moving to digest food.

Can goldfish walk 2 days without food?

Yes, goldfish deserve to go 2 days there is no food. In the wild, goldfish don’t eat every day due to the fact that they’re not able to record food the frequently. 

Can adult goldfish walk a week there is no food?

Yes, adult goldfish go without food for a week, yet it’s no recommended. Leaving her goldfish without food for 3-4 days won’t harm your fish, but shot avoiding the if possible.

Can goldfish go without food for 3 weeks?

No, goldfish can’t walk without food for three weeks. Goldfish space able to go up to 2 weeks there is no food, yet it’s not recommended to leave her fish without food because that so long since captive goldfish has its daily feeding schedule. If you space away for much longer than three or 4 days, do arrangements so your goldfish gets its food ~ above a schedule.

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Goldfish are incredible, particularly when it involves their feeding habits. Also though you’re aware of just how long a goldfish deserve to go without food, please don’t test them. As much as goldfish can survive there is no food for prolonged period, it’s no advisable to leave her pet unfed for plenty of days or weeks.

In part scenarios that encompass water temperature variations, swim bladder issues, etc., your goldfish should quick for a couple of days together fasting won’t perform them any harm. Top top the contrary, it’ll assist them empty their bladder or get their management to work-related faster. If there’s anything rather you’d prefer to know around goldfish, you re welcome send us your query!