Can you freeze jello shots? Jello shots space made through gelatin so they won’t freeze like an ice cream cube. However, it’s quite possible (and easy!) to freezejello shots.

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The difficulty with freezing jello shots is that the mixture loser its texture and also flavor when frozen, although human being make successful Jell-O popsicles by including Kool-Aid to their concoction that transforms out very well.

That being said, because alcohol will certainly not freeze till it reaches -143.7°F, -97.6°C, and your residence refrigerator will certainly not go that low unless you have affected some major modifications to your unit, freezing Jell-O shooters makes a mess. If you figure that one out, get ago to us and also let united state know exactly how it works. Girlfriend may have actually a friend.

You have the right to still do them ahead of time and also they will save three to 4 days in the frozen fridge if girlfriend wrap and also seal lock well prior to they shed their mold, color, and also flavor. There are plenty of recipes and also a quick search will give you numerous different concepts for her Jell-O shots. No one of them, however, argues freezing them. That said, any form of food can be frozen for this reason if you’re committed to save leftoverjello shots, you have the right to freeze them.

How to frozen Jello Shots?

Before we go ahead v the step by step overview on how can you freezejello shots, let’s begin with the basics that makingjello shots.

The an easy recipe calls because that replacing fifty percent of the water with the liquor of your choice, although you can replace every one of the water with liquor if friend choose. Clear liquors, such as vodka, have tendency to job-related better.

Making the Jello Shots


3 Ounces of Jell-O brand gelatin or share product (your selection of flavor)1 Cup of boil water1 Cup (4 ounces) Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Brandy, Rum, Whiskey

(If you desire weaker shots, change the liquor with ½ cup the water and also chill the mixture together until that is very cold.)

Chill the liquor in the freezer till it is very, an extremely cold. To water gelatin mix and also then hot water right into a mix bowl. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved, climate stir in the cool liquor.

Pour into shot glasses, molds, plastic medicine cups or you have the right to pour the mixture right into a baking dish and also cut right into squares when you acquire ready to offer your Jell-O shots. Makes around 20 shots, depending on their size, which must be enough for about three to four of her partygoers. For this reason be certain that friend make enough Jell-O shooters.

Take the time, before making this cooking recipes to offer to her guests, to uncover a recipe that offers you the firmest and also longest lasting shots. Experiment and have funny doing so.

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Freezing the Jello Shots

After do thejello shots, you have the right to go ahead v the freezing. Obtain fun-sized or small resealable plastic bags and also pour the gelatin mixture into the bags. Perform not fill the plastic bag, leave an inch of space so you have the right to seal the plastic bags properly. After pack the jello mixture, seal the plastic bags and write the storage date using a marker. Pole in the freezer and you’re done.

Do note that us don’t recommend freeze thejello shots for more than a few weeks.

Gelatin, i beg your pardon is a protein that alters the structure of liquid to type Jell-O and also alcohol, won’t it is in frozen solid. The is a challenging flexible protein that is derived from the connective and also protective tissues of animals. Jell-O is held in addition to polymers and also colloids. Freeze the gelatine too long may bring about sogginess or mushy jello shots.

How to Defrost Frozen Jello Shots?

To defrost the frozenjello shots, merely transfer the container indigenous the freezer to the fridge. Leave thejello shots come thaw because that several hours to overnight. Never ever leave thejello shots to thaw in ~ room temperature. This may cause the gelatine to failure and liquify.

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Freezingjello shotsmay take part trial and effort but it’s better than wasting thejello shots. Now that you know how can you freeze jello shots, there is no need to worry around what to do with your leftovers. Just freeze thejello shots and also enjoy them later.