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In starting to read around Poodles, it seems favor longevity is one issue. Large breed dogs generally have shorter life expectancy. However, even Standards space not large breed dogs. There have to be a lot of of genetic diversity. Why don"t poodles, on average, live longer?This is worrying for me, as I start looking at different dog breeds.Was this a factor to consider for anyone else?

My expectation for a dog"s expectation is 10+ years. Stats say many Standard Poodles will meet or exceed that marker.
I guess: v that"s why I"ve been dragging my feet in search of a dog. I desire a dog with certain attributes and additionally the longest possible lifespan.

My girl Iris lived to 14 and also that is not uncommon is standards....some live longer, 16, 17+. A girlfriend here constantly has bigger standards and all six of them have actually lived come 14, 15, 16 years.Many big breed dogs like labs and goldens have much shorter life spans.Having shed a dog years ago at period 10 that made me realize the I can not possibly live v a each other which has a very short life span. Mine beagles live to 14 and 16.Besides, there is the hair/fur shedding thing. I simply now come from a pet store where the shop dog simply barely brushed against me. My black leggings are COVERED in light fur. Can not go ago to the again either.So many things around a poodle come appreciate.
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Have to recommend you read "Pukka"s Promise: The pursuit for Longer-Lived Dogs" by Ted Kerasote. That is about selecting a puppy and also all facets of raising it to offer a longer life. Consists genetics, food, vet care, vaccinations, spay/neuter, toxins, life style, etc. Etc. Etc. Really interesting and also a an excellent read. Pukka is a lab, but uses to every dogs.
Yes, longevity to be a variable in my each other choice. I hope mine spoos live a very long time. Some world we met at a dog show had bred irish Wolfhounds for plenty of years yet were getting out the the breed due to the fact that they could not take losing them after 5-6 years.

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If you desire longevity, my tpoo to be 20 as soon as I had actually to put her to sleep. She was well and energetic until age 19 once her arthritis set in and crippled her.
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It took me a long time come get one more dog after ~ my love dog Ginger died.I couldn’t imagine picking to go with that again.Now ns 67 year old. I lastly made the leap and also got mine minipoo puppy, Mimi. One factor selecting a minipoo was your longevity, i m sorry I construed to be in ~ the long finish of the range. In fact I think it’s very feasible she will certainly outlive me. I made certain there are other younger persons in her life the love her as lot as ns do.Anyway, I assistance your concern to acquire a breed that has actually longevity. Really wise!But why perform you think poodles don’t? I thought they did, however maybe ns mistaken?Sent from mine iPhone making use of Tapatalk
There room lists that longest living dog via Google. The toy poodle is in the height 10. Plenty of dogs never make it to old period regardless of their breed, and these below have nothing to do with genetic problems or infectious diseases:1. Poisoning, regularly from food the we have the right to eat yet they can"t; rat poisoning, antifreeze, long list here2. Drowning;swimming pools and lakes3. Weather; lightening, extremes the hot and cold, incl warm cars, extreme weather favor flooding, fires and tornadoes4. To win by Car5. Electrocution; those wires and cords!6. Obstruction indigenous swallowing things7. Wild Animals; snakes, coyotes, hawks, etc.8. Jumping native Heights, choose a deck or hill side when chasing ball, squirrel, the mailman, jumping from window of auto when moving, etc.9. Suffocation; head it s okay stuck in a plastic bag, etc10. Symptom from Anesthesia I"ll add to these:1) getting lost (or stolen) and you never ever see your dog again, which leaves you eternally wonder if he/she involved a poor end,2) symptom from having actually puppies,3) Attacked and killed by neighborhood dog once on a walk,4) carry away from your yard and killed for sport by the community idiot.5) A family member or unstable friend loses their temper, access time the dog as a penalty that"s hard sufficient to death it.6) You fall on it, or role on and also crush that while sleeping. 7) Dog ingests alcohol, prescription meds (yours), marijuana, weed edibles, or other drugs.8) A lifetime of being fed substandard dog food won"t kill it, however it"s not healthy.9) ~ above my doubt list: Chronic overexposure to weed killer because that lawn treatments due to the fact that they"re pretty short to the ground. 10) Over-vaccination or too countless too very closely given can cause a variety of troubles in part dogs. Nice much all of these are things that could happen come you, me, and also anyone. You do your best to baby-proof and puppy-proof her home and lifestyle. Shot to select a dog wherein parent"s room clear in the the DNA wellness tests. Also then, there space no exam for part medical problems that chop up in any kind of breed. I"ve read about health tested dog here and also elsewhere, however they developed far-ranging problems in things that can"t be DNA tested. Life is complete of beginnings and also endings, and you take it your opportunities at love anytime to challenge to love. Here"s attach you can like too. Good luck.20 Longest life Dog Breeds