Tamale is a renowned Mexican cooking that has reached popularity almost everywhere the world. This Mesoamerican corn-based dish is usually filled with cheese, fruits, veggies, and the most important ingredients- chilies. Tamales have ingredients that go bad quickly after that cooked. Therefore, most civilization will wonder just how long perform tamales last?

So how long execute tamales last? In the fridge, tamales have the right to last for a week. In the freezer, they deserve to last for 4 months. At room temperature, it deserve to last for about 4 hours.

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Tamales Shelf Life

Tamales (cooked) will last4 Hours1 Week6 Months
Tamales (uncooked) will certainly last4 Hours1 Week6 Months

How long Do Tamales Last?

Tamales are among that food the doesn’t last an extremely long as result of the ingredients that’s used. This uses both come cooked and uncooked tamales.

For cooked tamales, in ~ room temperature, they i will not ~ last longer than a couple of hours. After the time, the will begin to go poor due to the bacteria cultivation on it. If the going to be more than a pair of hours, it’s best to keep them in the fridge till you’re ready to consume them.

In the fridge, cooked tamales will last about a week. However, it will be for sure to eat but the quality of it will certainly decrease. As result of the refrigerator temperature, the dough will be too difficult to eat. Even if you shot to reheat it, the dough will become brittle and won’t taste good. That just much better to toss any type of tamales that’s been sitting for much longer than a mainly in the fridge away.

Cooked tamales in the freezer will last around 4 months. Again, it have the right to last even longer, yet the quality of the tamales will decrease. This is as result of freezer burn and the ingredients that space used. Cooked vegetables and fruits don’t tend to last very long in the freezer.

For uncooked tamales, they have to never it is in left the end at room temperature for longer than an hour. This is specifically true if you have ingredients such as meat and chicken supplied to make tamales. If you’re no planning to chef them appropriate away after that prepared, they have to be save in the fridge till they are all set to it is in cooked.

Uncooked tamales will last around a week in the fridge. After the time, the ingredient in the tamales will begin to end up being hard. Therefore, it’s finest to cook them in ~ a week or placed them in the freezer.

In the freezer, uncooked tamales will around four to six months. Again, they are safe come eat, however the quality of it will certainly decrease.

How To save Tamales

Tamales and other perishables food alike need to never be stored at room temperature for more than 4 hours. However, you should always try to eat them or cook them within a pair of hours. Because of the ingredient such as meat and also chicken offered to do tamales, bacteria will start growing on castle quickly.

If you’re preparing tamales or have actually those the are already cooked, it’s ideal to sheathe them through a cling wrapper while the stored in ~ room temperature. This will not only help prevent bacteria from growing on it but keeps insects and other pests from feasting on your tamales.

In the fridge, cooked and also uncooked tamales have to be stored in an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag. If they are being stored in an airtight container, gain a container than is rectangle-shaped in shape so they have the right to fit in over there easily. Additionally, nothing stack too plenty of tamales on optimal of every other.

For storing in a plastic bag, placed just enough tamales in there the you can seal the bag. Also, make certain to to express as lot air the end of the bag before sealing it.

For freezer storage, an airtight container or a resealable freezer bag have to be used. Acquire an airtight container the is large enough to save the tamales there is no damaging them. Because that a freezer bag, make certain to squeeze out the air prior to you seal it. In the freezer, they deserve to last up between four and six months.

If you have to store castle for longer than six months, it’s encourage to vacuum seal the bag and also store the in the freezer. This vacuum sealer bag is an excellent for freezer storage, i m sorry is found on Amazon. By vacuum sealing, every the air is totally removed indigenous the bag. Therefore, since there is no oxygen in the bag, the tamales will last up to a year.



Can You frozen Tamales?

Anyone who has actually made tamales in ~ home before knows this food takes hours to make. Therefore, most civilization will make big batches of them to eat now and for later use.

With a huge batch, an ext than likely, you’ll need a place to store them. The freezer is the best option for storing tamales. Best of all, tamales freeze in the freezer so well that it will continue to be fresh for as much as 6 months.

However, to store them fresh for that lengthy in the freezer, you’ll have to prepare and also pack the tamales properly. If not, ~ 6 months, the tamales are safe to consume however the flavor and also texture the it will certainly change.

One thing to remember when freezing tamales is come make certain it’s cooking first. Freezing raw or uncooked tamales will rise the opportunities of the flavor and texture an altering over time while that in the freezer. This is because of the properties of the ingredient that are uncooked. Raw ingredients such as fruits and also vegetables will begin to degrade once it’s frozen.

How to freeze Tamales?

Preparing tamales for freezing is quite simple and doesn’t take a lengthy time either. Even if it is you’re freeze homemade tamales or a leftover tamale, it’s important to let that cool under completely an initial before prepping it.

Check to make certain the tamales are cooled come the touch. If that not, let it sit and also check every couple of minutes to view if it has actually cooled down. In addition, make certain that friend don’t leaving it come sit at room temperature because that too lengthy or it will spoil.

Once the tamales have cooled down completely, it’s ready to be prepped. Check to make certain the tamales room wrapped tightly v the cornhusk or banana leaf. Then obtain a large airtight container or a resealable freezer bag. Make sure it’s clean and totally free of any kind of dirt and also moisture.

Once the cleaned, move the tamales to the container. Collection them flat in the container therefore they retain your shape as soon as they’ve to be thawed. Try to not pack too plenty of tamales in each container, leaving about an customs of space at the top.

Last, seal the container v a lid and write the storage date on it. If you’re utilizing a freezer bag, remove as lot air indigenous the bag as feasible and seal it. Put the container or freezer bag at the deep end of the freezer. If you’re planning to stack the bags on optimal of each other, make certain the tamales room frozen first before stacking it.


How come Defrost and also Reheat Frozen Tamales?

Defrosting tamales can be excellent in a pair of ways, relying on how rapid you need them. If you’re not in a rush, merely transfer the entire airtight container or freezer bag to the fridge. Let that sit overnight and will be prepared by morning.

If you need it in a pair of hours, you can leave lock on the counter at room temperature. Come thaw lock quicker, take the tamales indigenous the container or bag and place castle on a plate.

Once it’s thawed, there space a pair of options you can choose to reheat tamales. In the an initial one, you can reheat the tamales in a tamales steam boat or a continuous steamer. Leaving the husks on the tamales for this reason the dough won’t stick ~ above the steamer.

The next option is to reheat thawed tamales in the microwave. Begin by remove the rice bowl of every tamale and put a pair of tamales on a microwave-safe platter. Take it a cup and pour fresh water right into it and also place the on the very same platter as the tamales. Doing so will certainly ensure the tamales will continue to be soft if they’re gift heated. Put it in the microwave and collection it at the lowest setup or the “defrost” setup and heat it for around 3-5 minutes.

Frying the tamales is another great way come thaw and also reheat them. Merely remove the husks off the tamales and fry them in a skillet. Add just a small cooking oil come the pan and turn them typically until each side is a nice golden brown. This is an excellent for those who reap crispy tamales.

The last option is baking the tamales and this procedure takes the longest. Gain a baking pan out and prep it by spraying or coating it with cooking oil. Then place the tamales top top the pan and stick that in the stove at 425 levels F for around 40 minutes.

How to Tell If Tamales are Bad

When tamales go bad, there space a couple of indications to look out for. Due to the fact that tamales have actually ingredients the are mostly vegetables, fruits, and meat. V tamales, mold and also a stinky smell space usually the indications that tamales room bad.

As for the texture, tamales the are negative will have actually mold cultivation on them. The color of it will certainly also readjust from a yellowish shade to orange or pink. If you notification mold and also the color changes, throw the end the whole tamales.

When it pertains to the smell, poor tamales will have actually a rotten smell. Depending upon the ingredients you’ve used, it may have actually other smells come it. Finest thing to execute is once you suspect the smell is off, throw it away.

Consuming negative tamales could cause food poisoning therefore it’s important to throw away the whole tamales instead of make the efforts to different the bad component from the an excellent part.

Related Questions

How long should tamales sit after ~ steaming?

After steaming, the tamales need to sit in there for at least 30 minutes. When it’s steamed, revolve the steamer off and also leave the lid on through the tamales inside.

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Why are my tamales quiet mushy?

When tamales are still mushy, it’s typically either the dough is also wet to start with, or you’re no steaming the tamales long enough. The tamales must be steamed until the tamale peels far from the husk. Together for the dough, the wetter the dough is, the longer you’ll need to vapor them.