This question has actually probably crossed her mind a time or two if friend have found yourself with wealth of cheese on hand and also not sufficient time come consume it before it goes bad. Well, today, we’re going to answer simply that! Let’s take a watch at everything you should know around American cheese and extending the refrigeration life.

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What is American Cheese?

Before we acquire into the nitty-gritty, it’s essential to recognize what American cheese is and how it differs from various other cheeses. If you’re a cheese fanatic, climate you are more than likely all too acquainted with the different blocks the cheeses that you might find at a grocery store or a deli shop.

While American cheese might not be as an elaborate as various other cheeses (in fact, some human being don’t take into consideration it come be actual cheese at all), the does offer a helpful purpose in a variety of dishes. American cheese is basic to use in dishes, affordable, and incredibly versatile.

For many cheese aficionados, American cheese frequently gets a bad rap because of just how it’s made. It’s not inexplicable for different chemicals and processed ingredient to get in the cheese throughout its production. With specialty cheeses that you could find in ~ a deli counter, you’re likely to gain a greater quality cheese there is no those ingredients.

It really counts on the consumer what girlfriend are trying to find in a cheese. And with some people, American cheese is viewed as an unhealthy option amongst the various cheeses available.

How lengthy Does American Cheese Last?

American cheese is a processed cheese definition that various cheeses consist of the as whole recipe. The handling also means it has actually a lengthy shelf life.

Unlike specialty cheeses favor Gouda and Blue Cheese, American cheese has actually a different process it undergoes through no real limitations as far as what that procedure entails. Typically, friend will discover that American cheese is in a mixture that Cheddar and Colby cheese.

When you acquisition American cheese, friend will commonly find that it is reduced into pre-wrapped slices. If you’re purchase American cheese native the deli counter, then you could get the slices, however they room not pre-wrapped. This fresh packages have the right to last two to 3 weeks.

If you desire to store American cheese because that a long time, pre-packaged slices might be a better option. Simply be certain to use or properly preserve your American cheese prior to the expiration day on the label.

Can American Cheese be Frozen?

Whether you bought your American cheese in bulk or just won’t be able to eat v the amount that you have sitting in her fridge, freezing her cheese is a an excellent way to keep it. Typically, you deserve to freeze American cheese because that up to six months and still preserve its quality. But after 6 months, that may lose its texture and also taste.

Freezing American Cheese

In order to acquire the finest quality from her frozen American cheese, you should prepare it and store the well. Right here are some basic steps come follow once using American cheese

Step 1: Wrapping

It is necessary that you wrap your American cheese carefully before you save it. Luckily, a many American cheese is marketed in pre-wrapped slices, which makes things a lot of easier. If your cheese is not already pre-wrapped, you should tightly wrap each cheese great in either plastic plunder or wax paper.

Step 2: ar Your Cheese in a appropriate Container

Once you have actually your American cheese personal wrapped, the next step is to ar the wrapped piece in a freezer-safe storage container or a freezer bag. By putting your frozen American cheese in a container, girlfriend are providing your cheese a second layer the protection throughout the freeze process.

This is important because cheese deserve to absorb various other odors native the fridge. By keeping it covert will store that indigenous happening.

Step 3: label Your Cheese

Once you have actually your American cheese ready and prepared for storage, you have to label it with either the date you froze that or six months after the day you froze it. This will assist remind you as soon as you need to consume the cheese by.

Step 4: frozen It

Place her cheese into the freezer and remove slices as you require them.

When it come time to use your frozen American cheese, thawing it out is an easy and straightforward. Merely pull out yet many slices girlfriend need and let them thaw in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. As soon as they soften up, you will have the ability to use lock on all your sandwiches and also dishes.

How to use Frozen American Cheese

American cheese is an exceptionally versatile form of cheese. You deserve to use the on a range of dishes without having to work-related with it also much. The good thing around freezing American cheese is that you can typically use the the same way you would usage fresh American cheese.

Here are just some ways you deserve to use frozen American cheese once you have let the thaw out.

The standard American grilled cheese sandwichCheesesteaksCheeseburgersCasserolesHomemade cheese sauces because that vegetablesBaked macaroni and also cheeseSoups

While friend can generally top sandwiches through thawed out frozen American cheese, it’s best to use fresh American cheese for recipes that speak to for big quantities of the ingredient. These encompass recipes favor soup and also mac and also cheese.

The reason for this is since you want the highest quality and taste with your dishes, and the just real method to acquire that is v fresh American cheese. On a sandwich, friend won’t have the ability to tell the difference much, yet on a dish the calls because that American cheese as the key ingredient, you might notification a bit of variation in flavor.

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Final thoughts on exactly how to frozen American Cheese

So deserve to you frozen American cheese? If you have actually pondered this concern before, i hope our valuable guide has actually helped to work out the confusion a bit. If girlfriend have ever before frozen American cheese, permit us know in the comment listed below how your endure was.