You’ve bought some feta cheese for a salad or a homemade pizza recipe you want to shot out. Girlfriend used fifty percent of the block, and also aren’t sure what you should do through the rest. Walk feta cheese walk bad? and how have to you save the leftovers?

Or possibly you went v crumbled feta cheese. You included as lot as the recipe required and also are left through a third of the package.

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Your very first guess is that the cheese will more than likely start to dry out slowly. And you’re right, crumbled feta cheese leftovers aren’t well-known for their longevity. Yet maybe there’s other you can do to make them last longer?

You’re no the only one with comparable questions and concerns. And reading a bit more about storage, shelf life, and going negative of feta cheese must answer your questions. Read on to discover more.

Feta block in hand

Brine is a equipment of salt and water, and also as long as feta is submerged in brine, it will last a long time.

Generally, you have the right to buy feta in blocks packaged with brine, or crumbled and ready to use.

When it involves where you must keep feta cheese, the fridge is the place to go, together both ranges require refrigeration.

Now let’s talk around storing each of the arrays in much more detail.

Feta cheese block ~ above a cut board

Storing Feta Cheese Blocks

When it concerns feta cheese in blocks, as long as the package is unopened, it’s perfect fine in its original packaging.

Once you reduced open the block and also there are leftovers, you should make a decision.

If you mean to use the cheese in ~ a couple of days, you deserve to wrap the cheese v a plastic wrap, or placed it right into a freezer bag or one airtight container, and also call the a day.

If you’d prefer to save it for longer, you should submerge the in brine. To make your own brine, you add 1 teaspoon of salt every 1 cup that water.

You have to make enough of this solution, so the it consists the leftover block totally in an airtight container. Once you obtained that done, throw the container right into the fridge.

Feta block in a container, decent alternative for quick term storage

Storing Crumbled Feta Cheese

If you bought crumbled feta cheese, the modus operandi is actually fairly similar. When you open up the package, seal it tightly prior to putting it ago into the fridge.

If friend would choose to store the feta for prolonged period, prepare sufficient brine (see above) come cover the crumbled cheese entirely, climate refrigerate the container.

You can be afraid that your feta will revolve out also salty, yet you can fix that if require be.


If your feta is also salty, you can rinse it v water, or also submerge in water for fifty percent an hour before serving. This method the water will certainly take several of the salt back and the taste of your feta will improve.

Of course, first, you should check the saltiness that the cheese before you start the water treatment.

Feta cubes in brine, all set for storage

How long Does Feta Cheese Last

This cheese, traditionally made from sheep’s and goat’s milk, should come v a sell-by or use-by date. Together you most likely know, the cheese must retain high quality for some time after the date. Let’s dive into the shelf life of various varieties.

When it pertains to unopened blocks of feta, the shelf life the this variety is usually approximately two to 3 months. And since the saline solution the cheese is in does an excellent job of maintaining it, the feta should conveniently last for 2 weeks approximately a month previous the date on the label.

On the various other hand, us have crumbled feta not marketed in brine, i beg your pardon doesn’t retain quality for together long. Nevertheless, you can expect the to stay fresh for maybe a week past the date on the label.

Feta cheese and some brine
Once you open the package, things change, and also everything depends on even if it is you submerge the leftovers in brine, or not. That’s true because that both feta blocks and crumbled feta.

If you leaving the cheese together is and only wrap or seal that well, it should retain freshness for probably 5 to 7 days.

If you acquire your hand dirty and also prepare the brine yourself, or usage the one cheese comes through (if there’s enough), you deserve to store the leftovers in brine for around a month.

Clearly, save on computer feta in brine is the better option here.

Feta block in brine (unopened)Sell-by + 2 – 4 weeks
Crumbled feta (unopened)Sell-by + 1 week
Feta leftovers (without brine)5 – 7 days
Feta leftovers (submerged in brine)4 weeks

Please note that the periods over are approximates only.

Need an ext time? examine our overview on freeze feta.

How come Tell If Feta Is Bad

Let’s start with how an excellent feta should look and also feel like.

Generally, this cheese has actually a tangy and somewhat salty flavor. And also the structure is smooth and also creamy, easy to slice or cube.


Some the these qualities vary a bit relying on whether it’s Greek, Bulgarian, or French feta.

Now top top to how to point out spoiled feta.

First off, if there’s mold or any type of dark specs top top the surface, litter it out.

If the cheese is submerged in brine, examine its color and also consistency. If that darkened and has become slimy, discard the cheese. Same thing if the has occurred a sour-cream-like smell.

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If every little thing up to this suggest seems to it is in in perfect order, check the structure of the cheese. If the crumbles once you pick some, it’s previous its prime, and it’s probably much better to eliminate it.