Everyone has an opinion top top nipple piercings. Perhaps you have one of her own. Maybe you want one. Perhaps the thought makes you want to cross her arms and protect your breasts at all costs. Or maybe, choose us, friend just have actually a voyeuristic fascination with the totality thing.

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The nipple piercing tendency is at this time having a huge moment, thanks to celebs prefer Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Amber Rose, and also Kristen Stewart — all rumored to have actually it — yet given the nature, it’s daunting to obtain a handle on simply how popular it is.

Still, celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson of Body electric tells us, “I’ve pierced cardiac surgeons’, OB/GYN’s, and professional's nipples in every ar you deserve to imagine." Thompson is a piercer to stars choose Beyonce, Jessica Alba, FKA Twigs, and also more, which renders him the perfect human to answer our every last concerns on the subject.

If you're all set to have actually every single question about nipple piercings answered right here, right now, start scrolling (and scrolling and also scrolling and also scrolling...because we asked everything).

This is a huge trend in L.A. Best now. When did the uptick happen? Is the piercing much more popular amongst men or women?

There space far much more women gaining pierced than males ever since Kendall obtained hers done here . It’s been well-known over the past couple of years, yet nothing like after kendall did it. But you gotta offer some credit to Rihanna, too. She absolutely contributed come it. I told friend before: it feels prefer I've pierced every nipple in Los Angeles — twice.”

Are most human being doing one nipple or both?

“More women space doing both best now, which is a large shift from critical year as soon as women were simply doing one and also it to be the guys doing both."

I’ve never met a nipple i couldn’t pierce...

Pick one: barbells or hoops?

"Barbells are method more popular. They’re an ext subtle under clothes and they heal faster because they don’t move around as much,” says Thompson. Barbells also enable for more room for swelling: “I like to allow at the very least an eighth that an inch on each side the the nipple, between the ball.” This permits for the fluctuation. Plus, it’s easier to accidentally hit or traction a hoop than a barbell. One more thing when we’re ~ above the subject: You desire to go v an within threaded barbell, no an externally threaded one, which means the bar is smooth and also won’t develop irritation and tiny cut while going in or the end of the piercing.

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What type of metal is best? exactly how much need to the piercing and also ring cost in total?

Thompson prefers titanium because that those that want to conserve some dough since it’s hypoallergenic and also rarely problematic. Obviously, yellow (white, rose, or yellow) or platinum is great, too, if you want to splurge.

You can additionally go because that stainless steel, however Thompson notes that no all stainless steel is produced equal: Cheap alternatives (often imported native overseas) have the right to be under $20, however they have the right to have a an excellent amount the nickel blended in, which is a typical culprit of allergy reactions. Stick to clinical grade or implant great stainless stole if you go the path.

A top quality titanium or implant class stainless steel barbell through the piercing will run you around $50 or 60 bucks in most cities — much less in smaller sized towns, more in enlarge cities. Solid gold deserve to be upwards of number of hundred with the piercing. And platinum? If you need to ask, girlfriend can't bought it.


What wake up if you have to have a non-related medical procedure that requires removal of the piercing?

You deserve to purchase a ‘retainer,’ which is usually a glass barbell the won’t disrupt a procedure (like one MRI or surgery) and also maintain the hole.

Level v us: exactly how long perform you and your S.O. really have to wait prior to touching ‘em?

Thompson notes that the less world who touch it, the better, come limit international germs. In various other words: shot to protect against letting a bunch of random hook-ups feel you up because that awhile. “At least go 3 or four weeks and shot to keep it to a minimum,” Thompson explains, “but it’s not favor you have to go six months.” and obviously, wash her hands prior to touching your nipples.

Does the piercing make your nipple more sensitive?

Yes and also no. The nervous system is what provides your nipples sensitive, the explains, so it doesn’t really do them an ext sensitive, yet it does do them rod out much more and renders you an ext aware that them, so because that some, this is more than sufficient to do a remarkable difference. Of course, many civilization do report they space significantly an ext sensitive after, for this reason this answer isn’t so black and white.

Let’s talk about scarring. What are the best and also worst situation scenarios?

Any piercing is walking to leaving a mark, however you can minimize the with suitable care. “If they’re done properly and you don’t have any reaction to the metal, they will certainly be really minimal and also most people won’t even notice,” Thompson says. However, genetics and also complications can reason keloids or hypertrophic scarring, and also again, it could reject, leave you through a bad scar that would need surgery to effort to fix. "With every form of piercing, you have to remember the they space repercussions and also scars have the right to happen,” he says.

Once they’re healed, can you breastfeed?

“This is my most common question — and the answer is yes,” Thompson says. It's true that it shouldn't impact your capacity to breastfeed, but that’s not to say the a nipple piercing can’t cause complications. Again, there room risks and complications and scarring have the right to happen.

Which is much more painful: nipple or genital piercings?

“Well, that counts on the genital piercing — there room some masculine genital piercings that will make you see God," Thompson says with a laugh.

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Update: together promised, Thompson will certainly be addressing the questions you left in the comments below.

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Is it for sure to pierce the same spot because that a second time? It's been around two years because I gotten rid of mine because I felt favor they were being rejected. I really miss them and have taken into consideration getting them excellent again.

"Absolutely. I have re-pierced each among mine, ns think it’s about four times now. It’s no going come hurt much more and it's no going to cause any additional problems. There’s really no fence to re-piercing again."

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