Reading is a ability that gets far better with the more you read. And also books are among the ideal methods the getting brand-new information (link). Yet one reason many world don’t read it since of the moment it would take lock to complete a book. Exactly how long to review 100 pages is a inquiry that many civilization ask to get an estimate. What seems like a basic question is quite facility when we started examining things.

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Multiple factors step in when it involves how lengthy it bring away to read 100 pages or any variety of pages. What are these factors, we’ll discuss later in the article. Additionally how lengthy would you take, at various reading speed to finish some that the most renowned novels?

How lengthy to read 100 pages? The typical speed

It is stated that the mean speed of analysis is about 300 words per minute. By average, we median normal literate world who deserve to read and also comprehend at a common speed. That course, some human being read an extremely fast and some that read very slow.

So in ~ 300 words every minute, you’ll need 2 hours and also 45 minutes approximately. In ~ 100 pages every 2 hours and 45 minutes, a typical novel would certainly take around 13 hours and 35 minutes (assuming the book is 500 pages long) of continuous reading. Yet no one reads in one sitting.

If you read for just an hour, girlfriend can finish the novel in roughly 14 days. Include one much more similar book in a month friend can finish two books. How numerous words did girlfriend read? about 500,000 words! that is a lot, just an median speed.

How long to review 200, 300, 400…words?

The rate of speed alters as friend go with the book. This method that if it take it you 3 hrs to complete the first 100 pages, it might take you much more than 3 hours to finish the following 100 pages. Yet still, we have actually put the numbers.


A track of Ice and Fire (A game of Thrones) has around 1.7 million words, disseminated in 5 books. At typical reading speed, it would certainly take 98 hrs to complete it, or 98 days to finish at one hour every day.

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The longest publication in the English language is A Remembrance of Things previous or looking for Lost Time by Marcel Proust. The book is a chuck 9.6 million native heavy. For this reason to finish the book in typical speed, you’ll need over 530 hours to complete it. An hour a day would certainly need practically 2 years to finish the book.