We frequently say "How lengthy does it take it you to take trip from Melbourne come Sydney by train?", we understand the start & the end.

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But what if us say "How lengthy does it take it you to watch TV?". That doesn"t have the start & the end.

Also, have the right to we say:

How long does it take it you to to wash dishes?

How long does it take you to play chess?...

I knew 1 textbook to speak "How lengthy does it take you to cook dinner?"

So, do you native regularly say "How lengthy does it take you to clock TV?"


I have not problem with fake "it". That was the typo error. My difficulty is that can we use that framework for phrases favor "wash dishes", "play chess", "watch TV", and so on which don"t have actually a clear start & the end as "go indigenous 1 place to another"

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The structure "How long does it take to....?" suggests a job with some start state and finished state. The question asks around the time forced to move from the beginning state come the finish state.

How lengthy does it take to...

wash the dishes?

Start: pile of dirty dishesFinished: clean dishes

cook dinner?

Start: life ingredientsFinished: a meal, prepared to eat

play chess?

Start: chess piece in initial start positionFinished: one player in checkmate (or stalemate)

travel native Melbourne to Sydney?

Start: you"re in MelbourneFinished: you"re in Sydney

In this cases, we have various states, and it take part amount that time to move in between them. Because that some world (or because that some settings of transportation, or different cities), the task may take a brief time, and for rather it may take a long time.

In the situation of city hall TV, this inquiry doesn"t make sense due to the fact that the "amount the time the takes to clock TV" is constantly the lot of time you choose to spend watching TV.

Start: you"re not watching TV yetFinished: you have watched TV for hrs -- clear this "takes" as many hours as you just spent watching T.V.

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It can"t take someone more or much less than one hour to watch an hour of tv (versus cooking: it can take who viable time to make a meal).

If you want to ask just how long someone spends city hall TV, ask one of these questions: