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Ah, yes. We"ve concerned our lesson on Rubber Cement and also Contact Cement. In this lesson, I"ll brifely touch top top the various kinds of cement available, what they are provided for, and also the kinds of repairs you have the right to make v rubber and contact cement, prior to we dive right into a fun decorative project.

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Rubber cement is most likely an adhesive that a many us have been using because we were kids. Psychic the an initial time you opened up the jar through the cute tiny brush in the cap, and had the thought "This smells awful! ns shouldn"t be anywhere near this goop!"?


Rubber and also contact cements are so stinky due to the fact that they room a very certain kind of adhesive which suspends man-made rubber polymers in a solvent.

Rubber and contact cement are made indigenous elastic polymers, prefer latex or neoprene, or some other synthetic rubber, that has actually been dissolved and suspended in a solvent such as acetone, hexane, toluene, or even water. Keeping the rubber in a solvent solution permits the rubber to continue to be fluid sufficient to be spread and used as an adhesive.

These cements are considered drying adhesives, an interpretation that together the solvents evaporate, the "rubber" portion remains behind, ready to type a strong and flexible bonds.

There are plenty of different kinds of rubber and also contact cements, some that job-related as a multi-surface adhesive, others room designed to work on specific surfaces. Always be sure to read the ago of the party to make certain your surface will be able to be mated v the adhesive you are choosing.

Lastly, I would certainly say that Rubber Cement is the number one most misused glue. That"s right, I"m call you the end - you"ve been doing the wrong. But the steps and also projects listed below will cement you earlier on the best path :D

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Step 1: Tips and Uses


To sign up with two materials permanently, one would apply cement come both the surfaces.

Rubber cement is an adhesive make from elastic polymers (typically latex) blended in a solvent such as acetone, hexane, heptane or toluene to keep them fluid sufficient to it is in used. Water-based formulas, frequently stabilised by ammonia, are likewise available.

There space even record specific rubber cements, used by paper crafters and scrapbookers worldwide!

Rubber cement can be removed from non-porous materials. Therefore if you use it come glass or metal, it forms a non-permanent bond with one more surface. I provided this method to stick document to windows for an innovative signage and also decoration.


Contact Cement is intense stuff. It commonly smells heavily of solvents and also forms very permanent bonds. When working with contact cement, it is often said to use a respirator and to occupational in very well ventilated areas.

Contact cement is most commonly used for building and construction grade laminating, this means adhering countertops come cupboards, and also metal flashing top top the political parties of buildings. Points that must be really STUCK in place.

This adhesive is interesting, in that it never completely cures. The solvent totally evaporates, leaving behind a class of tacky, rubbery glue polymers - all set to seize on to choose polymers coated onto one more bonding surface. Once the surfaces space mated - the link is instant.

If the contact cement you pick to occupational with requirements to it is in thinned, be sure you are including the exact same solvent the rubber is already suspended in.

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Step 2: Removal

Removing rubber cement is generally pretty easy, it should simply peel back from whatever surface girlfriend have used it to, or you might the previously mentioned eraser.



This quickly removed adhesive residential property makes rubber cement perfect because that masking off steel fixtures when painting. When the adhesive dries, it i do not care a spongy solid and can be peeled ago carefully native the component you were protecting.

On the various other hand, removed contact cement can be reason for numerous aggravation. This ingredient LOVES to be grounding to stuff.

In my endure in working through this course of adhesives, there space three philosophies to remove contact and rubber cements:

Heating the adhesive til it have the right to be sloughed or scraped off your surface,mechanically trying to eliminate the dried adhesive through sandpaper or a chisel,and verylastly, solvents.

The above video goes end the heating and also sanding of glue, be sure to undertake a respirator as soon as heating increase your call cement, and also to work in a well-ventilated area.

If you room needing to remove cement that is still stuck to your surface with a solvent, you should use the exact same solvent that your call cement is rely in. Prefer with like. This method if you have a toluene based glue, girlfriend could use toluene solvent come a rag and soak your dried cement to watch if you have the right to work that up that way. This method takes a lengthy time, and should just be provided as a last resort.

SUPER security WARNING! carry out not warm your glue when you have used solvents, solvents ignite fairly easily, and also it would certainly be a dead to have whatever you are working on burst right into flames. As soon as working with any solvents it is important that friend wear gloves and perhaps a respirator relying on the VOCs that the chemical.

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Step 3: Repair

Without a doubt, rubber cement is most commonly used as component of solving a punctured bike tube.


chrischona2015.org author andrea biffi does a good job going over the actions of how to fix a flat, but let"s take it a second to think around why we want to Rubber Cement because that this type of repair.

Rubber cement is a dry and flexible adhesive. After ~ the solvent solution dissolves, and also surfaces are mated, bonded surfaces are hosted together through a thin layer of expandable rubber, making the perfect because that inflatables, or points that must flex or stretch.Rubber is additionally inherently good at absorbing vibration and chatter, an ext industrial creates of rubber or contact cement can also be used to fix an equipment belts.

Using the very same principle that laminating two pieces the rubber to create a chatter-proof seal, ns repaired the rubber footing on my friend"s bouncy stilts!

The following video will go over exactly how to laminate two sheets of rubbery flexible materials to one another.

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This lamination technique can be used to both rubber cement and also contact cement - use to both of your surfaces, allow the fluid to dissolve, then very carefully mate her surfaces.

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Step 4: class Project


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