The duration of the Splat hair dye relies on many factors.

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According come the manufacturer, the irreversible Splat will last on your hair because that 30 washes. If you choose the semi-permanent Splat, it’ll last 20 come 25 washes. For the to be real, you have to follow a strict hair treatment routine and consider the texture of her hair. If girlfriend bleach your hair, the fiber will be more porous. So, the color will critical less due to the fact that the higher the level that porosity, the reduced the color retention power. 



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Oh, the duration of hair water is together a topic!

There space so many “she says, he says” that it’s impossible to summarize a conclusion in 3 sentences.

Do you know why?

Because dyes are choose cars: they depend on the care of the human being who cd driver them.

You can buy the best brand new car in the market, designed v the highest possible technology.

However, if you drive it follow me a road full of stones at three hundred kilometers per hour, take it it come the beach as soon as it is not made for it, and also you don’t look in the rearview mirror every time you park it, that new car will certainly be ruined in a few months.

The exact same thing happens v Splat hair dye, whether permanent or semi-permanent. If you want them to last longer, you’ll have to work in ~ it. And be prepared, due to the fact that the occupational will be hard.

I offer you one example.

Three month ago, one of my nieces colored her hair pink using Midnight Rossetta semi-permanent Splat dye.

She to be happy because, as she has actually light herbal blonde hair, the color turned the end to be an extremely intense, and it lasted over twenty washes. A miracle?

No, there room no miracles in hair.

The color lasted for this reason long since she washed her hair twice a week. She offered dry shampoo in in between to store her hair clean however away indigenous water.

She also included an military of sulfate-free products and reduced the usage of level iron.

However, carry out you know what would have happened to the pink color of Splat dye if she hadn’t made every those changes?

It would’ve faded to pale pink in less than five washes. And also I’m no exaggerating.

My nephew had one more advantage: she hadn’t bleached her hair to use the dye. So, she hair fiber retained the pigments much longer.

Are you willing to take treatment of the shade you obtain with Splat dye favor a brand-new car?

Then, store reading, since I’ll tell you:
duration of Splat water under best conditions Why go Splat dye last much less on bleached hair? Relationship in between color and also duration that dye

Duration of Splat water under ideal conditions the will just depend ~ above you


Splat hair dye has actually two presentations. The irreversible dye lasts around 30 washes. The semi-permanent dye lasts 20 to 25 washes.

Both durations are notified by the manufacturer and under the ideal conditions, which room seldom discovered in genuine life.


Because many civilization dye your hair and also continue utilizing their continuous products. And also that’s a mistake.

When you color your hair, even if it is it’s semi-permanent or permanent, you must use sulfate-free products. Sulfates wash off the color pigments.

When that happens, your shade will look duller and, over all, much less intense.

Now, carry that heat, multiplied by ten, come the key of the flat iron. Remember the you usage it 2 or three times with your colored hair.

Can girlfriend imagine the results of that warmth on your colored hair through a Splat hair color?

No hair color is ready to resist the warmth without consequences. They’ll it is in the ns of color in her hair.

So, even if it is you pick a semi-permanent or permanent Splat color, the aftercare will certainly be the same.

The difference is that long-term hair shade will resist a couple of more washes as soon as you usage developer due to the fact that it fixes come the within of the hair fiber. Meanwhile, the semi-permanent dye will certainly last under washes since it’s deposit on the hair’s surface.


However, if you want it to critical the longest, you’ll require the same care routine v both permanent and also semi-permanent hair color.

What wake up if ns bleach mine hair? will certainly the shade last longer?


 It really counts on your hair. Why?


Because bleached hair went with bleaching, a chemical procedure removes the organic or fabricated pigments native the hair. The hair suffers the chemical process.

How does it show the suffering?

By drying your hair out and also making it highly porous. Once you bleach your hair, the cuticles in your hair fiber obtain lifted, and many of castle break.

What wake up to high-porosity hair as soon as you apply Splat color? 


It easily absorbs the color’s pigments. However don’t laugh so quickly, due to the fact that the bad news is that it can not retain the pigments.

Therefore, the color lasts less.

Now, bleaching will be important if your hair is dark and you desire to wear a pastel color. In this case, ns must likewise break your illusions because pastel colors also last less.

So, if her hair is damaged, bleached, or porous, i recommend using a long-term Splat shade if you want the shade to last longer.


It’ll be hard for it to fade because it includes ammonia for the color to collection in the hair fiber.

If your hair is bad damaged, damaged, or has high porosity, Splat hair shade will critical less, simply like any type of other hair color.

I’m certain your head is tho spinning, right? That’s an excellent because there’s one an ext factor to think about when it involves the to trust of Splat hair color.

Can friend imagine what that is?


The selection of color for her Splat hair dye also influences timings


The shade of the Splat dye you choose will it is in a determining variable in durability. Why?


Because the much more pigmentation the has, the much longer lasting it’ll be.

That is one of the very first things we learn in colorimetry in ~ the hairdressing academy. Therefore:

Some of the longest lasting color are:
Night blue Violet purple Fuchsia Dark environment-friendly

The tool duration color are:

Red Chewing gum pink green Blue Turquoise or aqua Orange Lavender

The colour that will fade much faster are:

Pastel rose Pastel light blue Pastel eco-friendly Light grey silver- White Yellow Neon Platinum


The lighter the Splat shade you choose, the much less it’ll critical on her hair. You’ll additionally need to follow a strictly aftercare regimen to extend the term of the color as lot as possible.

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Finally, bleaching or damaged hair will be much less able to retain the color’s pigments.

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