Have you ever before wondered exactly how long a hockey video game is? due to the fact that there are three durations in a consistent game, you might be surprised to discover out that the game can take a couple of hours to decision a winner. Therefore what makes an average game take so lengthy to finish? right here is the break down of how long an typical hockey game takes and also more.

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How lengthy Do ice Hockey games Last?

NHL games consist the 60 minute of playtime that breaks down right into three different periods. The 20-minute durations don’t incorporate stoppages in play prefer the puck leaving the ice, or the NHL intermissions, which room fifteen minutes. If the score between both groups is tied, both teams go into a five-minute overtime. If over there is no winner ~ the five-minute overtime, a shootout then decides a winner.

How long Do ice Hockey games Actually Last?


While regulation is sixty minutes across three periods, hockey fans deserve to expect roughly 2.5 hours of entertainment once watching one NHL game. However, NHL playoff games may take much more time as result of the commercials and additional overtime periods. So how does a sixty-minute clock turn right into 2.5+ hrs for a expert hockey game? below are several of the factors why the quantity of time is closer to 2.5 hrs for a hockey game.

Intermission in between the first and second period / second and 3rd period. The 15-minute intermission enables the Zamboni come clean up the rink to do it clean come skate on for the players.The clock stops when the play is dead, follow to a referee. Some instances of a dead puck incorporate a puck leaving the ice, a player getting injured, or an NHL fight between players. Depending on the concern on the ice, you can expect commercial breaks to to fill the dead time top top TV.Standard TV Timeouts last around two minutes and also take place three times throughout a period.A penalty takes place that has the NHL player go into the penalty crate for your actions.A goalie secures the puck ~ above a shot, which then stops the clock. A faceoff will certainly then presume native that, which to add extra time since the clock stops.Fans throw items top top the ice after a hat trick or celebrationA regular-season game that goes into overtime and or a shootout will add extra time come the game clock. Overtime in hockey is comparable to extra innings in baseball, yet hockey has actually a clock to rate up the game’s ending.An extra overtime duration would occur during the playoffs if the first overtime period did not have a winner.During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the overtime goes to twenty minutes. That way that both teams save playing twenty-minute overtime gamings until someone wins.

What is the Longest NHL video game Ever?

The longest NHL game took place in 1936 between the Detroit Red Wings and also the Montreal Maroons. The hockey game started at 8:30 pm EST top top a Tuesday and ended at 2:25 on a Wednesday morning. A total of 176 minutes and 30 secs took the ar of actual ice hockey video game time playing between both teams.

Can Hockey Games finish in a Tie?

During the 2005-2006 season, the NHL got rid of tie game opportunities via new overtime rules. That supposed that prior to the 2005 season, fans can have invested hrs into a enhance to watch a tie ultimately. NHL teams now continue into a shootout to decision a winner via what team scores with the preeminence change.

How long Do Other experienced League gamings Take?

The standard hockey time because that leagues external the national Hockey organization is 60 minutes. However, the primary difference in time between the leagues is the intermission time. You can expect 15-minute intermission and 17-minute intermissions for the complying with leagues and also levels below.

College Hockey gamings 60 minutesAmerican Hockey league (AHL) 60 minutesKontinental Hockey league (KHL) 60 minutesNational league (Swiss) 60 minutesEast coast Hockey organization (ECHL) 60 minutesWestern Hockey organization (WHL) 60 minutesOntario Hockey organization (OHL) 60 minutes

How long Do other Sports Take?

The regulation time for the NFL is 60 minutes, i m sorry is the very same as hockey. NBA games consist that 48 minutes, i beg your pardon is much less than what the NFL and also NHL have. Finally, baseball walk not have actually a clock yet takes closer come three hours to complete after you sum up the play and commercials.

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Hockey games are always looking for means to entertain their fans who arrive at the arena for a game. From the warm-up interactions with the pan to the sudden fatality overtimes in the playoffs, fans have the right to expect to it is in watching hockey games for numerous hours. While that is safe to assume that a continuous hockey game takes over 2 hours, playoff games can take also longer.