If I tested most of mine friends come walk 1000 mile they would certainly look in ~ me as if ns was mad and tell me where to go. Yet there’s a whole community of civilization who take it up the go 1000 Miles challenge each year, and also I am component of the now!

So what is the walk 1000 miles challenge?

The go 1000 Miles difficulty is an annual an obstacle set increase by nation Walking magazine, and quite merely is come walk at the very least 1000 miles in a year. This might sound favor a lot, but it equates to just 2.74 miles every day, which is a far an ext realistic target for many people.

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See, 2.74 miles, not much at all. So this should be easy, right? For many of you reading this blog you space obviously interested in walking, so this would certainly not be too lot of an problem for you. But for several people, living the modern-day day sedentary lifestyle, it might not it is in so easy.

And in 2020, I have actually struggled. The totality Coronavirus pandemic has seen me swing from high come low, often in the exact same day, and also as such my whole walking routine has been thrown somewhat. Functioning from home, life alone, I have actually gone from wanting to get out and walk because that my sanity sake, or wanting to curly up and also not confront anyone. But I am established to get there, and also am just about on track.

Sounds interesting, however how long would it require to walk 1000 miles?

Well obviously everybody is different, together they have actually different amounts of time they can commit come walking, and so over there is no collection time, return obviously the challenge is because that a whole year. But there are some members the the to walk 1000 miles Facebook team who to the right in several hrs each and every day, so complete 1000 mile in just 4 months, and also there room others that battle to get to the end up target.

Here’s a table of how long it would take given various hrs per day:

Number of hours Per DayWalking in ~ 2 miles per hourWalking in ~ 3 miles every hour
0.5 hours1000 work / 142 weeks / 33 months667 job / 95 weeks / 23 months
1 hour500 days / 71 main / 17 months333 days / 48 mainly / 12 months
1.5 hours333 days / 48 weeks / 12 months222 days / 32 weeks / 8 months
2 hours250 days / 36 mainly / 9 months167 work / 24 main / 6 months
2.5 hours200 work / 29 weeks / 7 months134 job / 19 mainly / 5 months
3 hours167 days / 24 weeks / 6 months111 days / 16 main / 4 months
3.5 hours143 work / 21 weeks / 5 months95 work / 14 weeks / 3.5 months
4 hours125 days / 18 mainly / 4.5 months84 days / 12 weeks / 3 months
How long to to walk 1000 mile – go Academy

So you can see indigenous the over the turbulent amount the time that it will take depending on how quick you walk and also how lot time you can commit every day. The course, no every work is the same, perhaps at weekends you can afford 4 hours on both days, yet only half an hour throughout the week due to work and also family. So try to work-related out the variety of hours you walk during a entirety week right into a daily average.

How much can girlfriend walk in one hour?

In the table above I have actually put under 2 miles and also 3 miles together most people will loss within these figures. 2 mile is 30 minutes per mile – a an excellent pace enabling for photographs to be taken and maybe a picnic protect against if it’s a lengthy walk. 3 miles in an hour is an ext of a continuous march, yet not too strenuous come someone that hikes on regular basis – 20 minutes deserve to be achievable once you are provided to it.

That’s why country Walking newspaper say that if you rest it down to 2.74 miles every day, top top average, climate it is achievable in simply under one hour a day. And we might all find an hour per day if us really try hard.

Do you must register to take it part?

It’s not vital to it is registered to take component in the go 100 Miles challenge – ns don’t. But you can, there is a dedicated website for it. That is a great website, and provides lot of of impetus to save you on track – possibly I should have visited myself lot more.

If you desire to authorize up officially head end on the link above to execute so. They only ask because that your full name and an email address. If you tick package to receive constant updates you’ll get their newsletter by email, i m sorry will help keep friend on track and motivated. It also will contain provides from their partner companies and also competitions – hey, you may get lucky and also win other great, which will help you on your journey.

Measuring and also logging the miles you walk

In order to walk 1000 miles in a year, you need to understand how many miles girlfriend walk every day. You might decide come buy a fitness tracker to wear on her wrist, you may be old school and also use a pedometer, or you might use an app on your phone. However it’s necessary to know the street you walk each day.

If friend are like me (in normal years), and shot to go as lot as feasible in her day come day life, climate you might well obtain to 2.74 mile anyway, or definitely some means towards it. Back you may only desire to log miles that you physically go the end walking – well-known in the walk 1000 Miles community as “boots on miles”.

The second component of this is logging the mile you to walk every day. It’s best to log every work or every few days, if you room using an innovation to measure up the miles and also can keep previous days. You might want to log in a devoted notebook, a spreadsheet on your computer, or maybe a journal wherein you likewise write details of wherein you walked, the conditions, anything the you came across which made you smile. This would certainly be a great record of walks you have the right to look back on and also remind yourself of the funny you have.

If you buy the February execution of country Walking newspaper (out in January) there is a chart which you deserve to use to log in miles. Ns subscribe to the magazine and pass the graph to Nicky for she to record her miles – particularly as she does therefore many an ext than me. It has actually become part of she bedtime routine, sit in she bedside cabinet.


Alternatively, girlfriend can discover some downloadable charts, consisting of one designed for children, by going to the charts page on the website.

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What I usage to measure and also log miles

I have actually an application on mine phone called Pacer, i beg your pardon counts the number of steps i take, calculating street walked every day. It stores that information for as much as 1 year, however I still shot to log in those miles manually also – i don’t desire to lose the information in instance I shed or rest my phone, or something happens to the app.