Last time I was at the in-law’s farm I learned around hay. This time we got a chance to sit and also chat about the vicapacity of a hay farm.

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The idea

The standard idea is to have a small farm that just does hay. You would certainly just have a few select pieces of devices and not a totality bunch.

This would be instead of doing cash plants, at least at the begin.

This would be somewbelow to start for a new farmer because the initial funding you require is reduced than what you need for a cash chop farm.


There are a couple of things that are assumed right here, so I am going to outline them right here to offer you an idea.

You are in a space where there are farmers that require extra hay. Think around steed farmers, or huge cow operations.You are able to develop high high quality hay.You are able to acquire a decent price for hay.You have a farm to grow hay.

Financial investment


Look at all those bales of hay.

As I stated, the amount of initial capital isn’t as a lot to begin a hay farm.

Here is the breakdown

Baler: $7,500Tractors: $15,000Mower: $10,000Bale wagon : $5,000

In total that would involved $52,500.

Now you’re probably reasoning, “what about a seeder and a cultivator?”

One of the really nice points around hay is that you don’t need to plant it annually. This indicates that you can obtain amethod with not having either of those pieces of equipment. You have the right to contract out seeding.

I actually went out and sought each item of equipment to make certain that I can find them at the price that I indicated.

Ideally, you would desire two provided tractors if one breaks dvery own. In that case you deserve to usage the other. Also, it would certainly allow you to pick up bales as they are dropped.


You would additionally must buy the seeds.

We gauged it to be about $5,000 worth of seed for 50 acres.


The idea would be to offer the hay at about $4.50 per tiny square bale of hay. For good hay, this in’t unreasonable. Horse farmers are in search of good hay, and also they’re willing to pay for it.

Here was the assumed, on 50 acres you would gain 100 square bales per acre, which is a conservative number.

If we carry out the math, that functions out to be.

100 bales x 50 acres = 5000 bales of hay for 50 acres of land also.

At a price of $4.50 that would certainly be:

5000 bales x $4.50 = $22,500

That isn’t a large amount of money, yet remember that is a conservative number on the number of bales you would acquire per acre. Thus, tright here is a definite possibility you might make even more based upon yield. Also, tbelow is the possibility you could make much less.

The fluctuation in prices and yield are just component of the game.

Deliver vs pick up at barn

Your price will have to differ depending on whether you offer from the barn or deliver. Each will certainly have their very own price because you will incur more prices if you provide.

Take those points right into consideration.

If you provide, an excellent method to aspect costs is by a per kilometre cost. Using that type of mechanism you deserve to price as necessary.


One thing to think around is wright here you are going to store the hay.

Here you have a pair of alternatives.

Store it on the farm you own or rent.Deliver hay as quickly as it comes off the field.

Obviously, it would be ideal if you could supply the hay as soon as you took it off the field. That would enable you to acquire paid best ameans, and you wouldn’t have to concern about storing the hay at all.

On the various other hand, if you store the hay on your farm tright here is a price affiliated. That indicates that you would have to charge even more for the hay. Something prefer $4.75 a small square could work-related. The included $0.25 would be for storing the hay. You could charge more depending on your expense of storage.


With all that hay you’re going to require buyers.

Tright here are a couple of choices obtainable to you.

You might use areas choose Kijiji to market your hay.You deserve to connect through people on social media through Twitter and also Facebook.You can obtain to recognize civilization in your area and also sell your hay with word of mouth.

Finding buyers is going to be your one of your primary goals, otherwise, all your hay would certainly be for naught.

If I were to carry out this, I would certainly probably go through my father in-regulation, assuming I were in the area.

However before If I were not in the location, I would use a webwebsite and also social media and word of mouth to help human being find out about my product.

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In addition, I would learn who the neighborhood horse farmers were and also talk to them straight and determine their demands.

Final thoughts

This is speculation yet tright here are ranches out tbelow that perform this. I asked on Twitter to view what human being said

IpjRobson In the Beauce region of #Quebec, there is a huge sector for hay, however it can be fickle~….size of the hay sector would certainly be key