Many hard and semi-soft cheeses are sold pre-sliced to be easily used for building sandwiches, or for topping foods like burgers and grilled chicken. One positive of this convenient packaging is that there’s no need to worry about portion control; each slice is a single serving. The nutrition value for these sliced cheeses, including Swiss and Emmental, are often the same as the typical pre-sliced version. The calorie chart for cheese has more information about the general nutritional value of these dairy products, including fat content. In some cases, though, sliced cheeses have added ingredients to facilitate the manufacturing process, and varieties like American cheese are processed. These contain a mix of milk fats, whey, cheese cultures, food coloring, and chemical emulsifiers; these are easily spotted by the long list of ingredients in the nutrition facts. Compared to natural cheeses, the processed kind can contain more sodium and saturated fat, but the are comparable.

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Low-fat varieties of sliced cheese can even contain fewer than the original.

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