Romaine lettuce is a crispy salad green with high nutritional value. That vitamin and mineral content offers a variety of health and wellness benefits, and also there room many simple ways to add romaine lettuce to the diet.

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In this article, us look at the nutritional content of romaine lettuce, the health and wellness benefits it may offer, and also how to encompass it in meals.

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Romaine lettuce is a kind of salad lettuce. It comes from the very same plant family members as other types of lettuce.

The name “romaine” suggests that the lettuce might have source in Rome. It likewise grows fine in the Mediterranean climate.

Romaine lettuce leaves room long and taper toward the source of the lettuce. The upper part of the leaves is a depth green color and more flimsy 보다 the lower leaves.

Toward the bottom that the lettuce, the leaves become sturdier and also have thick, white ribs the contain a contempt bitter fluid. This offers romaine lettuce the distinctive taste.

The lot of this bitter liquid increases farther down the stalk. Some people throw far the thickest part of the leaves to avoid this bitterness.

Nutritional information

Romaine lettuce is much more than just a tasty leaf the adds color and also crunch to a salad. It also provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

For example, one 70 gram (g) salad serving of romaine lettuce contains:

65.4 g the water13.3 kilocalories1 g the protein2.2 g the fiber0.6 mg that iron24.5 mg that phosphorus17.5 mg of sodium194 mcg that vitamin A8.1 mg of vitamin C147 mcg that vitamin K
Possible health benefits

Romaine lettuce is an ideal for civilization who wish to shed weight, due to its high nutrient density and also low calorie content.

However, it have the right to be a tasty and also healthful enhancement to any kind of meal and also eating plan. The nutrients and minerals it has can administer benefits come anyone who consistently eats it.

We cover several of romaine lettuce’s feasible health benefits in the part below.


Share on PinterestRomaine lettuce is great source that antioxidants.

Romaine lettuce is a great source of vitamins C and A, which space antioxidants. These play a key role in balancing and maintaining numerous systems in the body.

The body naturally produces turbulent molecules called totally free radicals during metabolism. Ecological exposures additionally cause the human body to take it in cost-free radicals.

However, if also many cost-free radicals develop up in the body, the can cause a problem known as oxidative stress. Cell damage can result, and this deserve to lead to wellness problems.

The body deserve to eliminate free radicals naturally, but it may have an obstacle eliminating all of them. Antioxidants in foods show up to rise the body’s capacity to do this.

Examples of problems in which free radicals might play a function include:

cardiovascular disease

The antioxidant content of romaine lettuce may aid support a who immune system and protect against various wellness concerns.

Learn an ext about the benefits and also sources of antioxidant here.

Heart and also circulatory health

The high levels of potassium within romaine lettuce can help maintain cardiovascular health.

In addition, the antioxidant vitamin A and C in the lettuce may help prevent cholesterol from structure up and forming plaque in the arteries.

The folate in romaine lettuce might also help prevent severe heart complications. It does this by breaking under the chemical homocysteine so that the body can remove it.

A 2015 review suggests that world with a folate deficiency challenge a greater risk of having too much homocysteine in the blood. Homocysteine may contribute to heart conditions.

Romaine lettuce is a good source of folate, i beg your pardon can help keep this chemical in check.

It likewise contains part fiber, i m sorry plays a an essential role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

What various other foods provide antioxidants? discover out here.

Potassium, sodium, and the cardiovascular system

Romaine lettuce is likewise rich in the heart-healthy mineral potassium.

Potassium help muscles such as the love contract regularly. One evaluation in the BMJ concludes that higher levels of potassium might aid lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of stroke.

Sodium and potassium room electrolytes. The body demands both sodium and also potassium come maintain healthy levels the bodily fluids and also circulating blood. Professionals recommend consuming an ext potassium 보다 sodium, together too much sodium can offer rise to heart problems.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020 recommend that adult consume approximately 4,700 mg that potassium and also no an ext than 2,300 mg of salt each day.

Romaine lettuce provides both sodium and potassium in healthful proportions.

How lot salt should we eat? find out here.

Eye health

Vitamin A helps defend eye health. The vitamin A in romaine lettuce might aid prevent eye conditions such together cataracts as world get older.

Also, according to the nationwide Institutes of health and wellness (NIH), beta-carotene may aid prevent a condition called macular degeneration. This is among the leading causes of vision loss due to aging.

Many plants, including romaine lettuce, carry out beta-carotene. This might make it a good option for civilization wishing to an increase eye health.

Learn much more about age-related macular degeneration here.

Cancer prevention

The antioxidants and also folate within romaine lettuce might assist protect the human body from cancer.

The NIH state that folate that occurs normally in food may help decrease the danger of several forms of cancer.

Learn more about folate here.

Romaine lettuce can be a healthful part of a differed diet, however some human being have expressed concern that salad greens may bring toxins.

For example, contamination can take place if farmers prosper their produce in contaminated floor or water it with contaminated water.


Some indicate that improper farming techniques may rise the hazard of romaine lettuce gift contaminated with bacteria, such together Salmonella or Escherichia coli.

Following one E. Coli outbreak in 2018, the Food and Drug management (FDA) listed that a key reason because that this to be the watering that plants utilizing contaminated water.

Heavy metals

Another health concern is the absorb of hefty metals native the soil. One study, from 2013, discovered that romaine lettuce can pull heavy metals indigenous the soil.

These heavy metals may then transfer to the body of the person who eats them, which can pose a wellness risk.

Also, a 2016 examine measured level of hefty metals — including lead, cadmium, chromium, and mercury — in 5,785 vegetables get an impression in China.

The team found the highest amounts of cadmium and lead in romaine lettuce, amongst other vegetables. They expressed issue that this could influence people’s health.

Using just organic or homegrown lettuce can help a human reduce this risk. Romaine lettuce seeds are obtainable for purchase online.

Romaine lettuce is a living eco-friendly that demands eating in ~ a few days of purchase. The fresher the leaves, the an ext nutrients they will certainly provide. When choosing romaine lettuce at the store or farmer market, always look for healthy, crisp leaves.

Thoroughly to wash romaine lettuce before use through pulling off each leaf and also rinsing any debris or dirt from the surface.

Alternatively, soak the lettuce in water briefly and lightly massage the leaves to remove the dirt, then dry v a dishcloth or in a salad spinner.

People can chop the pipeline or use them whole, escape on personal preference or the recipe.

A Caesar salad is a delicious meal in and also of itself, or it can serve as a pour it until it is full starter.

To make a Caesar salad:

Chop romaine leaves into 1 inch chunks.Add them come a huge mixing bowl through a grasp of croutons.Grind or grate parmesan cheese and also black pepper into the bowl.Add the desired amount of dressing.Mix every the ingredients till dressing coats the salad.Top through a protein option, such as chicken or shrimp.

People adhering to a weight monitoring diet may wish to prevent or reduce the croutons and cheese in your salad. Lock can also choose a short fat dressing option.

Simple salad

For a simpler, lower calorie version:

Put 1 customs romaine chunks into a bowl.Toss them with olive oil, salt, black color pepper, and lemon juice.Add a section of skinny chicken or small tofu.

For texture and also extra color, include a handful of toasted pine tree nuts, some pomegranate seeds, or both.

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In burgers

When make burgers or wraps, world can include romaine lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce, or they can use the romaine pipeline as the plunder itself.