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State Fire Marshal Honors employee for their Service and Leadership come Minnesotans and Colleagues During complicated Times

​ST. PAUL — The Minnesota department of Public safety is recognizing employees that exemplified worths in offer Minnesotans, ranging from help implement the state’s COVID-19 experimentation program to handling hundreds that inquiries into the State Fire Marshal Division. In one awards ceremony, honored winners and honorable cite recipients in 11 compensation categories for their work in 2020 and also 2021. 

​​“The level of commitment and dedication to the public and also to public organization that this employees demonstrated throughout the critical 24 months is just astonishing yet not unexpected,” stated Assistant Commissioner Booker Hodges. “Our state is going through hopefully once-in-a-generation trying times. The civilization we’re honoring know this and have stepped up in an exceptional manner. We room so proud of your efforts because they exemplify the values of the Minnesota department of windy Safety, and they have operated earnestly on instead of of every Minnesotans.”   
This award is for mirroring a sort heart during troubling times, a willing heart to take on brand-new roles (or old functions in brand-new ways) and also dependability once their team and customers needed them most.  
As a sergeant and also supervisor for Capitol Security and also Dispatch, Sgt. Dan Rinta picked up the functions of number of others to single-handedly control day-to-day operations flawlessly and smoothly during plenty of of the stressful events of 2020-21. Every officer knew that once he was in charge, the Capitol facility was safe, visitors and also officers were safe, and also all would all go house safely.  
Diane Bartell — office of Criminal ApprehensionJacquelyn Eiffler — Driver and Vehicle Services  
This compensation acknowledges the career of one individual committed to windy safety and also public service. 
As the continuous of work Coordinator and representative ~ above the statewide COOP steering committee, Tamara has played a pivotal, frontline function throughout the pandemic by assisting Minnesota department of Management and also Budget and the governor’s office in planning and implementing the state’s COVID-19 testing program. Among her accomplishments, she additionally facilitates the event Command Team, which to be tested over the past two years by the pandemic and civil unrest. 
Bruce Erickson — Minnesota State PatrolTom Jenson — State Fire MarshalMike McManus — Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement 
This award establish a new employee that has presented outstanding performance in their existing position and has a remarkable ability to adjust to a new work setting while demonstrating impressive enthusiasm and high power levels. 
With little instruction, Erica expertly guided the Prorate Unit v a time of far-ranging change, culminating in the rollout the chrischona2015.orgDRIVE, all while sustaining her staff, to reduce backlogs, and ensuring complete compliance for years come come.
Among she accomplishments, Kasey join the college Safety center Team but quickly pivoted throughout COVID-19 to aid in the State Emergency to work Center. This contained assisting the department of farming with pet depopulation and composting planning, running among the major staging locations for regulation enforcement during the polite unrest, and also assisting through Line 3 planning. 
Mike started in the elevation of the pandemic and also as OJP received federal provide funds to address pandemic requirements in neighborhood programs. He ensured the this resources got out quickly in spite of the innate challenges and that grantees were fully supported. 
This award recognizes someone with a desire to grow in new ways both professionally and personally. Nominees have actually grown together leaders, coworkers and individuals.

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Jo eagerly take away on brand-new challenges and has the agility and capability to provide on any kind of project. Among her accomplishments, she pivoted both the yearly Conference top top Crime and Victimization and also the Minnesota Victim assistance Academy to virtual platforms throughout COVID-19 to ensure continuity of training to service providers throughout the state.