Isotopes are named for their mass numbers. So, this element has 15 protons (atomic number), 15 electrons, and 16 neutrons (mass number minus atomic number). This isotope is phosphorus-31, which has atomic number 15.

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Also question is, how many electrons and neutrons does phosphorus have?

To find the number of neutrons, subtract the atomic # from the mass #. 31-15=16 neutrons inside the nucleus. Phosphorus – 15 protons, 16 neutrons, and 15 electrons Level 1 = 2 electrons, Level 2 = 8 elec., Level 3 = 5 elec.

Also, what is the atomic number of the atom 31 15 P? Phosphorus (P). Diagram of the nuclear composition and electron configuration of an atom of phosphorus-31 (atomic number: 15), the most common isotope of this element. The nucleus consists of 15 protons (red) and 16 neutrons (blue).

Furthermore, how many electrons can phosphorus hold?

eight electrons

Which element has a mass number of 31?


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How many neutrons are in phosphorus 32?

17 neutrons

What is the Bohr model for phosphorus?

So for the element of PHOSPHORUS, you already know that the atomic number tells you the number of electrons. That means there are 15 electrons in a Phosphorus atom. Looking at the picture, you can see there are two electrons in shell one, eight in shell two, and five in shell three.

What is the cost of phosphorus?

Name Phosphorus Normal Phase Solid Family Nonmetals Period 3 Cost $4 per 100 grams

What is the number of neutrons in phosphorus?

16 neutrons

What is the atomic number of phosphorus?


What has 16 neutrons and 15 electrons?


How do you find the electrons?

The number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom can be determined from a set of simple rules. The number of protons in the nucleus of the atom is equal to the atomic number (Z). The number of electrons in a neutral atom is equal to the number of protons.

Which atom contains exactly 16 protons?

Now, an atom"s atomic number, Z , tells you how many protons it has in its nucleus. Nothing more, nothing less. A quick look in the periodic table will reveal that you"re dealing with an atom of sulfur, S .

Which elements can break the octet rule?

The two elements that most commonly fail to complete an octet are boron and aluminum; they both readily form compounds in which they have six valence electrons, rather than the usual eight predicted by the octet rule.

How many bonds can phosphorus make?

five bonds

What is the difference between nitrogen and phosphorus?

Nitrogen occurs primarily in deep sediments whereas phosphorus occurs primarily in the atmosphere. D . Nitrogen is lost to the oceans whereas phosphorus is not.

What does a phosphorus atom look like?

Phosphorus atoms have 15 electrons and 15 protons with 5 valence electrons in the outer shell. Phosphorus is a highly reactive element and, as a result, is never found on Earth as a free element. White phosphorus is very reactive and unstable. White phosphorus is yellowish in color and is highly flammable.

How many nonbonding electrons does phosphorus have?

How many non-bonding electrons does phosphorus have? Phosphorus has 3s23p3 electron configuration. That"s why it has five (2+3=5) non-bonding electrons.

What are the core electrons in phosphorus?

The highest-numbered shell is the third shell, which has 2 electrons in the 3s subshell and 3 electrons in the 3p subshell. That gives a total of 5 electrons, so neutral phosphorus atoms have 5 valence electrons. The 10 remaining electrons, from the first and second shells, are core electrons.
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