Symbol: ArAtomic Number: 18Atomic Weight: 39.948Classification: Noble gasPhase in ~ Room Temperature: GasDensity: 1.784 g/L

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0°C melting Point: -189.35°C, -308.83°FBoiling Point: -185.85°C, -302.53°FDiscovered by: mr Rayleigh and Sir wilhelm Ramsay in 1894Argon is the third element of the eighteenth tower of the duration table. The is classified together a noble gas. The argon atom has 18 electrons and also 18 protons. Its external shell is full with eight electrons.Characteristics and also PropertiesUnder standard conditions argon is one odorless and also colorless gas. The is likewise an inert gas, meaning that it generally doesn"t react v other elements to form compounds.When argon is excited by a high voltage electrical field the glows in a violet color.Argon has been discovered to form one neutral compound v fluorine and also hydrogen called argon fluorohydride (HArF). However, this compound is just stable at an extremely cold temperature (-256 degrees C).Where is argon uncovered on Earth?Argon is the many abundant that the noble gases in the Earth"s atmosphere. It constitutes virtually 1% (0.94%) that the volume of waiting making the the 3rd most abundant aspect in waiting after nitrogen and also oxygen. Argon is additionally found in tiny traces in the Earth"s crust and ocean waters.Argon is usually produced from liquid air as a byproduct that the production of nitrogen and oxygen.
How is argon provided today?
Because argon is the many abundant and cheapest the the noble gases, that is often used as soon as an inert gas is needed. One of the key applications for argon is for the gas within incandescent lighting. Due to the fact that argon won"t react through the filament provided by irradiate bulbs even at high temperatures, it helps the filament to last longer and also keeps the glass that the pear from blackening.Argon is additionally used for welding, clinical instruments, preserving wine, heat insulation in windows, and in microelectronics.How was it discovered?English chemist Henry Cavendish was the very first scientist to show that air included other gases 보다 nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. However, the wasn"t may be to number out or isolate another element.In 1894 English scientist lord Rayleigh and also Scottish chemist teacher William Ramsay started to run experiments ~ above the other gases in air. Castle eventually uncovered argon and most the the other noble gases.Where go argon acquire its name?The name argon originates from the Greek indigenous "argos" definition "lazy" or "inactive."IsotopesArgon has actually three isotopes that are stable consisting of argon-36, 38, and also 40. By far the bulk (over 99%) that argon found naturally on earth is argon-40. The most typical argon isotope in the world is created by stars and is argon-36.Interesting Facts about ArgonArgon has no known biological functions.When argon gas is merged with small amounts of mercury it will glow with a blue shade when excited by electricity.Large quantities of pure argon gas have the right to be considered dangerous in closed areas because the is denser than air and also will reason people come suffocate.When argon is provided as a gas laser the emits a blue-green color.The argon gas in the Earth"s atmosphere comes from the radioactive decay of potassium.
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