Kingdom understanding 3 DLC development Re:Mind builds on the story of the original game, here"s just how to unlock and also choose between its lot of endings.

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Kingdom hearts 3 Re mental Yozora
Kingdom hearts 3, the latest title in Square Enix"s Disney participation action-RPG, has actually just obtained its an initial DLC expansion. Kingdom hearts 3 Re:Mind increases upon the story the the basic game, offering three new scenarios that space unlocked in sequential order.

The an initial of this scenarios, Re Mind, centers around Sora"s attempts to rescue Kairi. The second, Limit Cut Episode, is seen from the view of Sora"s allies, if the third, an enig Episode, look at Sora encountering off against a stranger in the final World. It"s in ~ this allude that the game"s multiple endings diverge, therefore to make sure players acquire the one castle want, here"s our guide to unlocking them.

Warning: Spoilers front!

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Duel in the final World

getting to the endings of Kingdom hearts 3 Re:Mind isn"t together straightforward as play through its story. In order to unlock the last scenario, the secret Episode, players need to not only have completed the DLC"s plot, but additionally defeated the 13 Limit reduced bosses. Defeating these bosses will unlock the an enig Episode, and also eventually result in the mystery Boss himself.

from this allude on there space two methods the game can go, and also it all depends on just how players resolve Yozora, the an enig Boss. At the finish of the an enig Episode players will be required to struggle Yozora, and also will get a different ending if they victory or lose the battle. If Sora defeat Yozora, the boss will turn right into light particles, prior to awakening in a car. If Sora is defeated however, that will find himself turned right into Crystal. Yozora tho awakes in the vehicle in this "bad ending", however the narration over the last scene won"t be the same.

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sora in crystal

who is the mystery Boss

There has actually been some speculation among fans the the Kingdom Hearts series that Yozora is actually a recognized Final Fantasy character. The many striking discussion for this theory is his physical resemblance to Noctis, protagonist that Final Fantasy 15.

Seeming to check the theory is the ending scene the Yozora waking in the moving car. This step is an almost shot-for-shot work again, please again of part of the trailer for the cancelled Final Fantasy versus 13. In the trailer we see Noctis, that was at first meant to show up in Final Fantasy versus 13 before that is cancellation, being pushed through a city. In the Kingdom understanding 3 Re:Mind ending the scene is basically identical. Whether this is a hint at something bigger to come, or simply a throwback because that the fans, is however to be seen.