People sometimes wonder "How numerous eyes perform bees have?" Bees have 5 eyes.  As quickly as this fact is learned, naturally, civilization want come know:

"why carry out bees have 5 eyes?"

The short answer is:Bees require eyes not only to choose up colors and UV markings in flowers, and shapes, but additionally to navigate.  hence the 2 sets of eye are adjusted to perform different tasks simultaneously.  The two big eyes in ~ the next of the head (known together "compound eyes") are provided for picking up shapes and colours in the prompt environment, whilst the three small eyes on the height of the head (known as the "ocelli") are important for navigation and also orientation.

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More info below.

About the 5 eyes of bees

Bees have:


2 link eyes - these space the obvious eyes in ~ the sides of the head;3 simple eyes recognize as ocellus or ocelli.  These little eyes are much less conspicuous 보다 the link eyes, and are arranged in a triangle ~ above the top of the head between the compound eyes.   If friend look an extremely carefully at the image above, you have the right to just make out at the very least one that the ocelli (the one at the former - that looks favor a shining round black dot).

It have to be noted, however, that bees room not alone in the insect world for having 5 eyes, and also specifically for having actually 3 ocelli on the height of the head: dragonflies, wasps, and grasshoppers additionally have them, amongst others. 

Compound eyes - what room they for?

Above: The compound eyes are clearly visible at the sides of the head.

In bees, each link eye is located at the next of the head (in contrast with true flies, for example, which have the 2 compound facing toward the front).

Above: This is a hoverfly. Note exactly how the huge eyes room forward facing.

Each eye comprises hundreds of individual lenses.  They choose up the immediate environment, color and shapes.  this eyes enable bees to check out UV mite in the flower that guide the bee onto the "landing platform" of the flower, and to the nectar reward. 

Each tiny lens that the compound eye awareness the surroundings from a very slightly different angle.  The sum full of these pictures recorded by the countless lenses, carry out the overall photo of the bee"s surroundings.

What are the ocelli for?

The ocelli are also called "simple eyes", due to the fact that each eye has just one lens, however with numerous sensory cells.

These basic eyes execute not kind an picture of your immediate environment as the link eyes do.  castle are offered by bees for orientation and navigation according to the position of the sun. 

Interestingly, bees that fly at dusk or dawn have larger ocelli in order the they can pick up on the reduced sunlight when the sunlight is low in the sky.  You can read much more about this ~ above my web page do bees fly at night.

Facts around bee vision

Above: Bumble bee visiting Escallonia -"Red claws".
It is believed that bees space near-sighted, because of each the the lenses in the compound eyes gift so tiny, an interpretation that each lens only sees a tiny amount that the world about it.
Above: Bees may not pick up ~ above red hues, yet may tho visit red flowers. It is thought that bees deserve to see ultra-violet markings in the petal that indicate rewards because that the bee!
Bee eye are most attuned to watch green, blue, and also ultra-violet light.

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Above: The eyes of the male silvery leafcutter bee space an exciting shade that pale green.