There is no traditional story height, and also it deserve to vary considerably, as pointed out above. Ten feet is a ascendancy of thumb for estimating. A ten story building would it is in 100 feet high, offer or take it ten or so feet. Often, the first floor in a tall commercial building is lot taller than the rather to allow for one imposing lobby or atrium. A 2 story building means a building with two floors, for this reason the height from the very first floor to the roof would be about twenty feet. But the an initial floor could be a few feet above street level, and if the roof is sloped, there can be one attic i m sorry is not counted together a story. For this reason the actual height of the structure from the ground to the height of the roof might be roughly 30 feet. It is true the a commercial structure never has actually a floor numbered 13, but a 14 story structure will have 14 floors. The 13th and also 14th storys will show up together the 14th and 15th floors top top the elevator buttons. Tall structures often have one or an ext floors scheduled for mechanical systems, and these may not present up in the floor number is numbered system, and also may be obtainable by special elevators, however they count as storys.

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A story, or a floor of a structure can be anywhere from 8 feet come 50 feet.

Realistically, a tall structure will have 14 foot floors. 14 X 30 story (420 feet) is her answer.

Actually each floor is around 11 feet, and therefore, a 30 story structure would be approximately 330 feet.

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Most tall structures average 12-17 feet every floor. You can see a table that tall buildings at the link below and get a better average.

Its appprox. 300 ft tall.. Due to the fact that on a verage the floors room 10 feet tall. It is depending also on that there isn"t a basᴇмᴇɴt or ingredient on top of the building.

at least 300 feet if the each florr was 10 feet... It would certainly dpend ~ above if the floor is 8 or 10 feet high ceilings

If a thirty story,s building"s every room"s elevation is 10 feet for instance & the gap between each floor is 2feet...then ofcourse the the height of the building should be 314 ft...

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about 300 feet; a typical floor is about ten feet tall

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