Most to run tracks are precisely the very same size, thanks to their adherence come the IAAF technological Specifications. That way that, together a basic rule, you deserve to assume the a trip roughly the monitor in Lane1 is 400 meters, or about ¼ mile.

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But if you’re in ~ the local track law a workout, you more than likely shouldn’t it is in in Lane1, so exactly how long are your laps in the external lanes? This table will certainly tell you, or you deserve to use the track lane distance calculator more down the page.

Or, if you have actually a particular pace the you’re trying come hit, try the monitor lane speed calculator. It’ll tell you how long every lap needs to be in stimulate to maintain your pace in her selected lane.

Track distances by Lane


The Math

Think ago to her high school geometry days and you’ll recall that the circumference of a circle is same to 2πr (that’s 2 times about 3.14 time the radius that the circle). A track is basically simply a one chopped in fifty percent with two straightaways connecting the halves, for this reason to calculate the complete distance, we usage 2πr+2s v s being the straightaway length.

Those straightaways, according to IAAF specifications, room 84.39 meter long and also the radius the the inside line that Lane1 is 36.5 meters. Carry out the math and also that gets you to… 398.12 meters.

Wait! isn’t it a 400-meter track? great catch. That is, but they add in an extra 0.3 meter to account for the width of the runner’s body. So, instead of making use of 36.5 meters as the radius because that Lane1, we use 36.8, and that gets us specifically to 400 meters.

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Each lane is 1.22 meter wide, so you have the right to take that same equation and also apply it to any kind of of the lanes’ curve radius to obtain your lap distance. A lap around Lane4 end up being 23 meters longer than a pilgrimage in Lane1, and a lap approximately Lane8 ends up being almost 54 meter longer. Again, to view all the lanes’ distances, check out the table.