How many letters in alphabet is the recent riddle trending top top Facebook and Twitter. It is just one of the straightforward but yet confusing riddle. Most of you might answer 26, however wait, that’s a wrong answer. Yes, the how many letters in alphabet riddle price is no 26. Therefore what’s the correct answer. Any Guess, permit me help you.

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Here in this write-up today ns am going to resolve this riddle and carry out the how countless letters in alphabet exactly answer. For this reason let us gain started.

Riddle: How plenty of letters in the alphabet?

How countless letters in alphabet Answer

The answer come how numerous letters in alphabet is 8.

How numerous letters in the alphabet Solution

As I said earlier, how many letters in the alphabet is a very simple but confuse riddle.

If you review the riddle question properly, it states “how plenty of letters in alphabet”. So right here we have to count the variety of letters in the word alphabet.

The indigenous “alphabet” has actually 8 letters in it.

So the how numerous letters in alphabet correct answer is 8.


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