It is a inquiry that a lot of world think around when composing reports or essays. Student and creative writers, scholastic and organization writers frequently use either Google Docs or multiple sclerosis Word as their go-to word processing tool. Both tools have a word counting feature, but it helps to know around how countless words right on a page. However, words per web page depend top top several components such as font size, line spacing, margins, number of paragraphs, and also even page size. In this write-up I’ll aid you calculation how numerous words per page there will be as soon as using one of two people Microsoft word or Google Docs for word processing, v some basic average word counting numbers based on file line spacing, font, subheading usage, and also more.

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Let’s gain started.

Why Worry around How many Words there space Per Page?

Word count and also page numbers can be advantageous for authors to understand how they have the right to organize your work, ideas, and also manage your time.

If you have actually an 5-page essay assignment for school, you might want to recognize how numerous words that will be. Whereas if you need to write a 2,500 native essay, you might be wondering how numerous pages you’ll should write.


The limitation the words have the right to make it simple to understand what to intend from a job or assignment, and also can ultimately help guide you once making editing and enhancing decisions on your project later on.

Nowadays, paper word counting (or page count) deserve to also provide an idea of just how long it will certainly take to check out a document.

How many Words per page in Google Docs

for single, 1.5, or twin spaced documents

Google Docs’ default page is the standard letter size of 8.5-inches x 11-inches v 1-inch margins from the top, bottom, left, and right.

Using the font Arial and also size 12 and disabling the automatic enhancement of room between paragraphs gives the following results:

A single-spaced Google Docs page will have about 500 words.A 1.5-spaced Google Docs web page will have approximately 350 words.A double-spaced Google Docs web page will have about 250 words.

How countless Words per web page in multiple sclerosis Word

for single, 1.5, or twin spaced documents

Similar come its competitor, multiple sclerosis Word’s default dimension of the page is likewise letter-sized through 1-inch margins indigenous the top, bottom, left, and right.

Using the same font the Arial, dimension 12 together a guide, we’ll find can right slightly more words per page. I discovered the complying with results:

A single-spaced Microsoft Word web page will have around 550 wordsA 1.5 spaced Microsoft Word web page will have around 375 wordsA twin spaced Microsoft Word web page will have roughly 275 words

Chart: Average variety of Pages by native Count

The following chart mirrors the average variety of pages your file will be based upon the word counting of your document. The compares the two word processing tools Google Docs and Microsoft Word.


To to compare these, I collection both pages top top Google Doc and also Microsoft Word in ~ default and used the Arial font, dimension 12. I also used the exact same text example as an almost right calculation of words.

Google DocsGoogle DocsMicrosoft WordMicrosoft Word
Word CountSingle Spaced page CountDouble Spaced web page CountSingle Spaced web page CountDouble Spaced web page Count
Average number of Pages based upon Word counting (Google Docs & Microsoft Word)

Chart: Average variety of Words by web page Count

The following chart shows you how numerous words your paper is most likely to have based on page count. It contains estimates because that both Google Docs and Microsoft indigenous documents, and also includes estimates for both solitary and double-spaced text.


I used the same text come compare the word count on every page.

Google DocsGoogle DocsMicrosoft WordMicrosoft Word
Page CountSingle an are Word CountDouble room Word CountSingle room Word CountDouble space Word Count
Average number of Words based on Page counting (Microsoft Word and also Google Docs)

According to the data, we view that overall, Microsoft Word deserve to accommodate an ext words on one page.

Other components That impact Word counting & Doc Length

The charts show that the web page numbers do not dual if your document’s word counting doubles. This is due to the fact that many other determinants affect record length in addition to how countless words per web page your file has.


You’ll additionally need to take into consideration things like:

Font SelectionText SizeMargin WidthSubheading UsageThe visibility of Images, Charts and Tables

And that course, together the charts above show, a bigger line room (double spacing) might translate to much more pages for the very same amount of native as contrasted to a lessened line room (single spacing).

Let’s take a closer look at at few of these other determinants which impact the partnership between document length and also word count.


Each font form has been designed differently. Some fonts are larger compared to others. For example, Arial is smaller at font dimension 12, as contrasted to Courier brand-new at the exact same font size.

For comparison, the same number of words because that 10 pages through Arial, size 12, boosts to 14 pages making use of Courier New, dimension 12.

Times new Roman at font dimension 12 would be a little less 보다 10 pages. Meanwhile, Calibri in ~ font size 12 would be the same number of pages.

Text Size

Text sizes will also affect each page’s word count.

Bigger sizes reduce the variety of words every page. The bigger the font, the lesser one have the right to write on every page.

Even utilizing the bold choice on the font can adjust the page. Bold font takes up a couple of extra pixels than the regular font kind does.

Margin Width

Margins room the gaps in between the sheet of the document and where words are presented.


By default, on all word handling tools, a margin of 1-inch is roughly the text on every sides. However, boosting margin size reduces the area in which us can type the words.

This palliation of functioning area decreases the variety of words that fit ~ above a page, boosting the number of pages along with it.


Writers frequently use subheadings as mini-headlines to enhance readability and provide more information.

Normally, subheadings leverage a different style if us look in ~ the font and also the dimension we use in the body of the text. To start with, it can be a larger font dimension as compared to the other options.

It also takes increase extra space because writers have actually to provide a visual break and also retain readers’ attention. What stands the end is the title that takes up a totality line.

The much more subheadings there room in one article, the greater the number of lines us can discover in the text. This boosts the number of pages as well.

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Images, Charts & Tables

Pages top top word handling tools are very dynamic. Authors can include images, charts, and also tables to supplement their work.

Visual aids often aid organize data and summarize what the writer desires to communicate to the reader. Notably, adding visual info takes up room on the page.

It’s vital to account for the extra couple of pages in the web page count as soon as approximating pages using visual aids. This helps united state plan and format our work an ext efficiently.