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Have you have wondered how numerous standard size M&M's would certainly fit in a container? probably you had the high-end of participating in a contest during her youth where the object was to guess: v the variety of M&M's in a container. How did friend fair? What strategy did you take it to figure it out? Well, over there are numerous approaches to resolving this problem. However, the many accurate an approach will most likely involve the use of a formula obtained from dimensions of M&M's and also their packing proportion (the percent of space M&M's take it up in a container).

During my research on the subject I found several obtained formulae and also many experiments perfect by grade institution students about the number of M&M's that will fit in a container. While plenty of valiant efforts were make to solve this problem only a few people appeared to have actually computed valid results. One challenge I encountered was simply finding published values top top the mass, volume, and packing ratios of this multi-colored candies.

It additionally seemed the no researchers or organizations had taken credit transaction for any certain formulas ~ above the subject. Provided the absence of sound info I determined to investigate this problem for myself. Because that me, the best strategy was to usage the average attributes of an M&M to construct a simple formula to compute the number of M&M's in a container. I also wanted to compare these results to a basic quart container calculation that someone post on a blog. And finally, I want compare both of these approaches to an really experiment of mine doing.

Basic attributes of one M&M

American manufacturing processes space a marvel of modern engineering. Even so, over there will always be some variability in between every item the is created on an assembly line. In the case of M&M's, the size, shape, and also mass of each liquid will likely vary to part degree. However, I'm certain that Mars, Incorporated has actually strict quality control standards and also that the variability that these features will likely be really small. V that said, I have scoured the net to identify what the typical value because that an M&M's mass, volume, and packing proportion (this relates to the shape) are. The outcomes are below:


Average characteristics of an M&M


Formula For computing Quantity of M&M's based upon a Container's Volume

I will use the average values shown above to derive a an easy formula that deserve to tell friend the number of M&M's in a container based on its volume.


where the container's volume (V) is in liquid ounces.


where the container's volume (V) is in milliliters.

A Lone Blogger's Quart M&M Estimate

I once read a blog (now ns can't discover it to properly mention them) that said precisely 1,011 M&M's would certainly fit right into a 1 quart (946ml) container. I am not certain of the paper definition of the measurement but it walk seem to have actually been showed experimentally. Provided this information, the Blogger's formula for computing the variety of M&Ms in a container would have actually been:


where the container's volume (V) is in liquid ounces.

where the container's volume (V) is in milliliters.

Pink M&Ms


My Experiment

Formula's and also calculations room great, yet if castle don't accurately predict something then they are useless. Therefore, I want to see how good these formulae to be at predicting reality. I checked out my neighborhood candy store and also purchased a very large bag that M&M's (my wife made me obtain pink). First, i selected several different sized containers and measured their volume by carefully seeing how much water they might hold. Ns filled the shot glass and also the old pot come the an extremely top because that this experiment. I offered the label's reported volume top top the gallon jug and on the 9oz Dixie cup. Due to the fact that I like the metric system better, all my measurements were done in milliliters.

Various containers and their respective volume supplied in this experiment.


Next, i filled this containers with M&M's and proceeded to count how many each one held. Together you can imagine this was a tedious procedure and there were plenty of M&M casualties.

Results and also Comparison come the Calculations

So how did this formula's do once comparing come a genuine life experiment? Pretty an excellent actually. The table below shows the variety of M&M's that can fit in come a range of container sizes contrasted to the numbers predicted by the formulae presented above.

Measured and computed variety of M&Ms for assorted containers.

ContainerContainer Volume (ml)My ExperimentBlogger FormulaMy Formula

Shot Glass





9oz Dixie Cup





Large measure Cup





Old Pot





1 Gallon Jug





The graph listed below shows a visual depiction of the information uncovered in the above table.

I recently purchased this King Gumball maker for mine kids. It holds around 5lbs of M&Ms (about 2,350 of them).


From this info we can draw some very interesting conclusions:

The blogger's formula was an ext accurate than my formula in ~ predicting the variety of M&M'sThe blogger's formula is at most 98.8% exact for containers that 1 gallon or smallerMy formula is at most 98% precise for containers the 1 gallon or smallerBoth formulae computed worths within 0.8% that each other for containers of 1 gallon or smallerThe bigger that the container is, the less accurately the formulae is able to predict the true variety of M&M's in the container.The container's shape impacts the variety of M&M's that it can holdCounting M&M's take away a long timeM&M's are delicious

Questions & Answers

Question: How countless M&M's are in a Mason Jar?

Answer: There space several varieties of mason jars. However, the most common ones room quart and pint-sized. Based upon the formula in the article, the quantity of M&M's a mason jar have the right to hold is together follows:

A quart size mason seasoned is 32oz in size and would be expected to hold around 1,019 M&Ms.

A pint-sized mason jar is 16oz in size and would be intended to hold around 509 M&Ms.

Question: How countless M&Ms room there in 1 cup?

Answer: A conventional cup has actually a volume of eight ounces. If you usage the formula stated in the article, a cup should have the ability to hold around 255 M&Ms relying on the cup's shape.

Question: How numerous M&M's room there in large, 62oz pantry sized jar?

Answer: based upon the formula in the article, a large 62 oz pantry size jar should be able to hold around 1,975 M&Ms. However, since this is a large container, the recipe in the post tend to evaluate the number of M&Ms by around 1% or so. Therefore, if I had to guess the number of M&M's in a container of this size, I would certainly recommend rounding down to about 1,950 M&M's.

Question: How numerous M&Ms are in 3/4 cup?

Answer: because 1 cup is 8 ounces, 3/4 cup is equivalent to 6 ounces. Based on the formula in the article, a 6oz container (3/4 cup) should have the ability to hold around 191 M&Ms.

Question: How many M&M’s are in a baby bottle?

Answer: baby bottles come in various shapes and sizes which provides answering this inquiry difficult. I am assuming that based on your question you may be referring to a baby shower game where everyone needs to guess the variety of M&M's consisted of in a infant bottle. In this case, they are most most likely using a conventional 8oz baby bottle. Because that an 8oz infant bottle, us would expect to discover that about 255 M&M's deserve to fit into it. If they are using a smaller sized 4oz infant bottle, I would wager that it can hold about 127 M&M's.

Question: How plenty of M&M's room in a 16 oz jar?

Answer: utilizing the formula obtained in the article, a 160z jar should have the ability to hold around 509 M&Ms.

Question: How plenty of M&Ms are in a 62 ounce container?

Answer: based on the formula in the article, a 62 oz container should have the ability to hold about 1,975 M&Ms. However, since this is a big container, the recipe in the post tend to evaluate the variety of M&Ms by about 1-2% or so.

Question: How many M&Ms space in a 72 oz jar?

Answer: based on the formula in the article, a 72 oz container should be able to hold about 2,275 M&Ms. However, due to the fact that this is a huge container, the formulas in the article tend to evaluate the variety of M&Ms by around 1% or so.

Question: How many M&M's to the right in a 25 oz water bottle?

Answer: based on the formula in the article, a 25oz water party should be able to hold around 796 M&Ms. However, due to the fact that this is form of container is tall and also slender, the formula probably over estimates the variety of M&M's slightly.

Question: How countless M&M's can fit within of a 3.4oz mason jar?

Answer: This is a little mason jar. Keep in mind that 3.4oz is about 100ml. Making use of the formula in the article, i calculate that about 108 M&M's need to fit inside of this mason jar.

Question: How numerous M&M's right in a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 container that holds 1/4 cup?

Answer: together a container v a volume of 1/4 cup is tantamount to 2 ounces. Based upon the formula in the article, a 2oz container should have the ability to hold around 63 M&Ms.

Question: How countless M&M's will fit in test tube that has actually a 15ml capacity? that diameter is 16mm, and also its elevation is 100mm.

Answer: first is the truth that one M&M's diameter is around 13mm, which means you don't obtain an efficient packing plan in a 16mm large tube. In this case, friend are basically "stacking" M&M's up in the tube.

The 2nd thing that makes this tricky is the volume the the check tube. A 15ml test pipe should have actually a volume that 15,000 cubic millimeters. Provided the measurements provided, the volume calculates to 20,106.19 cubic millimeters. So either over there is additional obtainable volume on in the tube over the 15ml line, or the measurements are because that the exterior dimensions quite than the inside. One more thing to think about is that the bottom the test pipe is curved which way an M&M will certainly not site level on the bottom.

Nonetheless, making use of the formula in the article, a test tube must hold about 16 M&M's. However, I taken place to have actually a test pipe very similar to the one pointed out in the question. The within diameter was 15mm, and also it hosted 14 M&M's up to the 15ml line. This is likely due to the issues detailed above. Therefore, a typical 15ml test pipe should organize 14 M&M's.

Question: How countless M&Ms room in 2-1/2 cups?

Answer: There space eight ounces in every cup, for this reason a container the holds 2-1/2 cups has a volume the 20 ounces. Based on the formula from my article, a 20-ounce vessel would contain about 637 M&Ms. Therefore, there room 637 M&Ms in 2-1/2 cups.

Question: How many M&M's will certainly fit within of a 151L wheeled commercial storage tote?

Answer: This was a pretty certain question, so ns looked the up, and indeed Sterilite does do a container this large. This 151L container is additionally rated because that an identical 40 gallons. However, because that this question, I will stick with the declared volume of 151 liters.

First, we require to convert the volume into milliliters due to the fact that that is what the formula accepts. 151 liters is indistinguishable to 151,000 milliliters.

Using the formula in the article, i calculate the this container would organize 161,375 M&M's. However, as provided in the article, the calculate error boosts with the size of the container. If this is because that a party video game (where you should guess the variety of M&M's accurately to win), I will round under to one even number of 160,000 M&M's simply to be safe.

Question: How numerous M&M's will fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic?

Answer: I watch you read my other article about stuffing cats right into the trunk of a Honda public (among various other things). In the article, I mentioned that the common trunk volume of a Honda public (at the time) was 12 cubic feet. Because my M&M formulas usage ounces or milliliters, us will require to transform cubic feet into something the we can work with.

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There room 7.48 gallons in one cubic foot that volume. In enhancement to this, there space 128 ounces in every gallon.

Therefore, the volume that a Honda civic trunk is 12 X 7.48 X 128 = 11,489.3ounces

Using the formula in the article, a trunk space of this volume would have the ability to hold around 362,990 M&M's. However, since the formula has tendency to over-estimate the number of M&M's a very huge container can hold, I would certainly round this worth downward. Therefore, I would certainly estimate the the common Honda public trunk can hold about 360,000 M&M's. Currently the real an obstacle comes through trying to to fill the trunk without them spilling out!

Question: How countless M&M's deserve to fit in a 6" round by 6" tall cylinder?

Answer: by 6" round and 6" tall i assume the you space talking about a cylinder of some kind. Also, the is unknown if the measurements provided are the within or external dimensions that the cylinder. Suspect these stand for the internal measurements, first, we should calculate the volume the the container: