Centimeter is thought about a usual unit of size used in SI. It is identical to 10 millimeter or 1/100th (10-2) that a meter. Years back it to be a basic unit in previously used CGS (centimeter-gram-second) unit system, however in modern-day times the duty of an easy unit of length is play by meter. The prize of centimeter is cm.

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Convert Centimeter

A meter is a SI unit scientifically accepted as the basic unit the distance and also length. Together with other units favor a kilometer or one inch, a meter is just one of the fundamental units in SI. One meter equates to to the size of the course that a light travels in vacuum for the time of 1/299,792,458 second. SI symbol because that meter is m, and also one meter is 100 centimeters or 1/1000th (10-3) of a kilometer.

Convert Meter

This is a an extremely easy to usage centimeter to meter converter.First of all just kind the centimeter (cm) worth in the text ar of the conversion kind to start converting cm to m,then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn"t work. Meter value will be converted immediately as you type.

The decimals value is the variety of digits to it is in calculated or rounded the the result of centimeter to meter conversion.

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You can additionally check the centimeter come meter conversion chart below, or go earlier to centimeter come meter converter come top.

1 cm0.01 m
2 cm0.02 m
3 cm0.03 m
4 cm0.04 m
5 cm0.05 m
6 cm0.06 m
7 cm0.07 m
8 cm0.08 m
9 cm0.09 m
10 cm0.1 m
11 cm0.11 m
12 cm0.12 m
13 cm0.13 m
14 cm0.14 m
15 cm0.15 m
16 cm0.16 m
17 cm0.17 m
18 cm0.18 m
19 cm0.19 m
20 cm0.2 m
21 cm0.21 m
22 cm0.22 m
23 cm0.23 m
24 cm0.24 m
25 cm0.25 m
26 cm0.26 m
27 cm0.27 m
28 cm0.28 m
29 cm0.29 m
30 cm0.3 m
31 cm0.31 m
32 cm0.32 m
33 cm0.33 m
34 cm0.34 m
35 cm0.35 m
36 cm0.36 m
37 cm0.37 m
38 cm0.38 m
39 cm0.39 m
40 cm0.4 m
41 cm0.41 m
42 cm0.42 m
43 cm0.43 m
44 cm0.44 m
45 cm0.45 m
46 cm0.46 m
47 cm0.47 m
48 cm0.48 m
49 cm0.49 m
50 cm0.5 m

50 cm0.5 m
55 cm0.55 m
60 cm0.6 m
65 cm0.65 m
70 cm0.7 m
75 cm0.75 m
80 cm0.8 m
85 cm0.85 m
90 cm0.9 m
95 cm0.95 m
100 cm1 m
105 cm1.05 m
110 cm1.1 m
115 cm1.15 m
120 cm1.2 m
125 cm1.25 m
130 cm1.3 m
135 cm1.35 m
140 cm1.4 m
145 cm1.45 m
150 cm1.5 m
155 cm1.55 m
160 cm1.6 m
165 cm1.65 m
170 cm1.7 m
175 cm1.75 m
180 cm1.8 m
185 cm1.85 m
190 cm1.9 m
195 cm1.95 m
200 cm2 m
205 cm2.05 m
210 cm2.1 m
215 cm2.15 m
220 cm2.2 m
225 cm2.25 m
230 cm2.3 m
235 cm2.35 m
240 cm2.4 m
245 cm2.45 m
250 cm2.5 m
255 cm2.55 m
260 cm2.6 m
265 cm2.65 m
270 cm2.7 m
275 cm2.75 m
280 cm2.8 m
285 cm2.85 m
290 cm2.9 m
295 cm2.95 m