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Unit Descriptions
1 league (land):1 organization (land) is specifically 3 united state Statute miles. In SI devices 1 organization is 4828.032 meters.1 Mile:1 Mile is specifically 1.609344 kilometre by international covenant in 1959. In SI devices it is precisely 1609.344 meters. The size is based initially on the distance marched in 1000 paces of two procedures each. 1mi = 1.609344 kilometres = 80 chain = 5280 ft = 1760 yd.

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Conversions Table
1 Leagues (land) to mile = 370 Leagues (land) to mile = 210
2 Leagues (land) to mile = 680 Leagues (land) to miles = 240
3 Leagues (land) to mile = 990 Leagues (land) to mile = 270
4 Leagues (land) to mile = 12100 Leagues (land) to miles = 300
5 Leagues (land) to mile = 15200 Leagues (land) to miles = 600
6 Leagues (land) to mile = 18300 Leagues (land) to miles = 900
7 Leagues (land) to miles = 21400 Leagues (land) to miles = 1200
8 Leagues (land) to mile = 24500 Leagues (land) to miles = 1500
9 Leagues (land) to miles = 27600 Leagues (land) to mile = 1800
10 Leagues (land) to miles = 30800 Leagues (land) to mile = 2400
20 Leagues (land) to mile = 60900 Leagues (land) to miles = 2700
30 Leagues (land) to miles = 901,000 Leagues (land) to miles = 3000
40 Leagues (land) to mile = 12010,000 Leagues (land) to mile = 30000
50 Leagues (land) to miles = 150100,000 Leagues (land) to miles = 300000
60 Leagues (land) to miles = 1801,000,000 Leagues (land) to mile = 3000000

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