No just 1 month has actually 28 days due to the fact that your asking how countless months have 28 days no how numerous months have 28 work at the very least it’s a riddle


Makayla – i have an occasion that big 28 days and needs come begin and end in a single month. How plenty of months have 28 days because that my event?


This riddle is dumb. I have three cats. However according come this riddle’s logic, I could walk approximately someone and also say I have actually two cats. Or I have actually one cat.

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This prize is clearly wrong.

The overwhelming majority of indigenous English speakers would certainly take the inquiry “how countless months have actually 28 days?” to average “how many months have a total of 28 days?” no “how many months have actually at least 28 days?” or “how many months have actually a 28th day?”

Someone is make the efforts to be clever by questioning this question. Lock failed miserably.


sinar few of YOU thinking the riddle IS dumb as, simply think of relaxed things and also GET end IT!!!!!


DUMB, DUMB. How numerous day go April have??? This answer is 30…How countless days go December have? – 31. It’s no 28.But If the riddle asking ” how many months have actually a 28th day? than it would certainly be all of them.


Even thier price is worded in different ways to the question. I can write stupid riddle too.How plenty of hours in a day?Answer there is a 2 hours in every day for African pigs come eat the flies from red gummy sharks.

Brad so December doesn’t have 28 days? If a job takes exactly 28 days, can you carry out it every in the month that December? If a forest has 1,000 trees and also you need to reduced down 15 trees because that a Christmas tree farm, walk the woodland have 15 trees because that you to reduced down?

I obtain that you to be tricked and now you’re upset at the devious riddle and resorting come calling that names, yet that’s type of the allude of a riddle. You do realize riddles and brain teasers space tricky, right? How plenty of months have a 28th job isn’t a riddle, it’s a boring question.

Breauna M states in march 18, 2015

12 months have 28 job lol and also love u all that stated 28 together a web buddy.

lenny claims in march 25, 2015

All the months have a 28th day however not have actually 28 days.

Sebastian claims April 24, 2015

11 months have an ext than 28 days every year.

Me forver claims April 25, 2015

I agree with Lenny

Hannah.... States might 15, 2015

so how numerous months have actually 28 days‘

Hannah.... Says may 15, 2015

this is a significant grade and also i must know! im in college and im counting on yall to help me!

Hannah.... Says may 15, 2015

oh. Never ever mind. I acquire it. I feel so dumb! lol

mike states July 27, 2015

ugh. It’s not that hard a concept. (scroll to finish for simple answer/reasoning)- it’s a riddle, for this reason meant come mislead, for this reason why that is referred to as a riddle. Yet it is also a clever riddle. All months have actually 28 days. To those whining, ‘no some have actually 30 etc’ yeah, which method they have actually 28 + 2 months. If you have 20$, and also are request if you have actually 8$, yo don’t not have 8$, because you weren’t request if you have 8$, or exactly 8$. If you have actually 20$, you have actually 4$ 17$ 6.66$ 3.141594$. You don’t have 21$ or 0$ however. Riddle is clever, one of the many reasons is it says this without speak this, placed ppl are willing come say february prior to the concern is finished.

to ‘all english human being would take it,’ wow, i’d choose to accomplish you, some kinda diety the knows exactly how every biology thinks/infers, filtered of course, somehow, by those who speak english. Oh the enlightenment!! -but yes, the ‘way people would take it it ‘commonly however certainly no absolute, is exactly, WHY it’s a riddle. An reliable one.

but regardless, if you to be chinese, the ‘misleading’ language is why it referred to as a a”riddle”. If that was, ‘which months have actually 28 days, yet not much more or much less than 28 days, ‘ the wouldn’t be a riddle, it would be a yes, really really yes, really stupid question. But if it makes you happy, subtract the fun, typical sense; “february every 4 years,”. Over there shouldn’t be that much debate there either.

it’s like a magic trick. This misled here is february, it puts that in her head, to odor you native thinking, ‘or looking’ in ~ the ‘exact’ language, i beg your pardon asks simply, how countless months have 28 days. “at least” isn’t necessary. If you have 10$, and also are request if you have 7$, yes, you do. Friend don’t not have 7$ since you have actually a 10$ bill. The concern was not, “do girlfriend have precisely 7$?”, such inferences room incorrect.

(conclusion, put)Simply, it’s a riddle, any type of answer the is not, “all the them” is wrong. Extr inferences space the intended mislead, if you think about them, congrats! you just proved the riddle a an excellent one.


this is probably from the totally free internet “IQ test” indigenous Mensa. It’s pure bull due to the fact that if girlfriend don’t suppose it to be a riddle, it doesn’t matter how “smart” you are. Since of just how the language works (not just English) that is supposed that once you expression the question favor that, that it’s around the full amount of days. It functions in a means that also if you don’t say the word “total” girlfriend still average that if you have to say the word “at least” if friend don’t typical the total. It’s not really a clever riddle if girlfriend ask me, because it only works if the person doesn’t understand it’s a riddle. Any kind of sane human being would probably be appropriate otherwise. A an excellent riddle is one the isn’t near to apparent even if you know it’s a riddle


It’s all 12 months that’s have actually 28th days! It’s a tricky & great riddle! If it had actually word in different way then the price would have actually be 11 months!


I do not also understand what these males are speak alreaady the calender has its standared readings and also you have the right to not adjust that. The is 30 days has actually sept,april,june and Nov castle rest has 31 days except Feb through 28 days and not if castle how countless months has actually 2days u will certainly say 12 ?huh wildly its need to be howmany months has actually the 2nd day bc ech month starts from 1st 2nd and also so on.some pple room talking about having a feast for 28days in december thats very stupid bc the calender go not know your feast its has standard readings that can never be alter by your stupid feast for 28 days


HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHO. I’ve never had actually as good a laugh till ns came across this site. Many thanks to all and also I mean to every HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO.


Actually they should specify on the Julian or Gregorian calendar. The Mayans had a month the was only 5 days lengthy so every one of them is not a correct answer.


Really? end one stunner question?What’s worse? all the comments gift posted together if the question is together a complicated mathematical problem, or the people that room saying it’s a dumb question. That a riddle PEOPLE!…


Okay for this reason here’s what you’re saying:

Question: just how many pets have 2 letters in its name?Average answer: One. Ox.Real answer: they all have actually two letters in your name.

Seriously? If I claimed “dog” and “cat” have actually two letters in their name I would technically be correct?


The riddle dram on the difference between “semantics” and also “pragmatics”, where semantics is pertained to only through what sentences clearly say, when pragmatics pertains to itself with what we suggest with our sentences. The question above (how countless months have actually 28 days?) does not clearly say that it’s in search of months with *only* or *exactly* 28 days, so semantic speaking the exactly answer have to include any month that has actually *at least* 28 days (all of them). However, pragmatically we assume that the questioner has actually a certain amount the knowledge: they recognize that part months have 30 days, and others have actually 31, and we might also assume they probably understand that no months have any fewer than 28 days. If we assume the questioner knows every this, then we will infer that they currently know the answer come the concern as it was explicitly asked. It’s a pragmatic share that we don’t ask inquiries we currently know the price to, and so us infer that the questioner need to be asking some other question. The candidate question that makes the most sense in this context is “how many months have actually *only* 28 days?”.

So once the answer transforms out to be “all the them”, this is only because the questioner is breaking pragmatic norms.

Alternatively, we occasionally ask concerns we recognize the price to as soon as we room *quizzing* others. But there are presumptions we make when being quizzed too. Us assume that the quizzer has actually assumed few of *our* knowledge – in this context, our knowledge that no months have fewer than 28 job – and so they wouldn’t ask a question with solution that would be so easy for us. Instead they questioning the question which is (arguably) a little bit less common knowledge: “how plenty of months have only 28 days?”

And so as soon as the answer turns out to it is in “all that them”, this is only since the quizzer is break pragmatic norms.

So nobody’s yes, really “wrong”, it’s simply that the “right answer” is different depending on whether we’re pertained to with pragmatics or just semantics.

That’s my take anyway.


People be like: every 12 months have actually 28 days, it’s just that the ones the aren’t February have actually 2 or 3 work after as well

Yeah and I’m right once I speak one month has 28 days, doesn’t matter if there’s one more 11 month that have 28 days too! Wait, that’s not how it works, the question is stating a certain amount, no a minimum.

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And it’s funny how human being are comparing months to objects. If someone asks me if I have 8 dollars and also I have 20, I will say I have actually 8 dollars because I can take the 8 out of the 20 (and thus I actually have actually an 8 within that 20). Ns cannot take it 28 days out of a month the 30 or 31 due to the fact that months aren’t physical containers. Heck, in the instance I offered I’d speak “no yet I have 10 if you have change” if I had actually two ten dollar notes.