So, you 26 mainly pregnant, and also inside her bump your baby is opened their eyes to take their first look at your (currently) rather little world. No it amazing, mama, to think around the moment your eye will satisfy theirs?


Still, there’s simply a few more months of pregnant left come go until that distinct encounter. Let’s discover out those in save this week!

How numerous months is 26 mainly pregnant?

At 26 weeks, you in the 6th month that your pregnancy – 6 months, 2 weeks, to it is in exact. V 14 main to walk till your due date, you’re still in the second trimester, however by the finish of week 27 you will do it be heading into the third trimester and also your last stretch that pregnancy.

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How huge is her baby at 26 weeks pregnant?

Right now, her baby is around 14 inches long from head come heel and also weighs about 1 and also three-quarter pounds. It is the length of a scallion, or the load of a large zucchini.

What place is her baby in at 26 weeks?

You’ll be emotion a many fetal movement at 26 weeks. Together we experienced in main 25, this is a really active time because that your small one, and they’ll be getting up to all kinds of tricks – playing v their toes, sucking their thumb, and also even punching you through those small fists! That way they i will not ~ be keeping to one position the whole time.

However, soon your farming baby won’t have so lot room come roam, and they’ll be more likely to continue to be in the exact same position. Ideally, they’ll select to it is in head down with their back towards your ship (called the occipito-anterior position, if you want to get technical), which is best for a quality birth.

Your baby’s advance at 26 weeks

At 26 weeks, your baby’s significant organs room in place, and their lung are proceeding to grow and get stronger. Excitingly, your eyes will be opened for the very first time round around now, and they will start discovering to blink. In ~ this point, her baby’s eye will most likely be a pale bluish color, yet you won’t know their final color until at some point after birth.

Your small one is also growing teeny-tiny eyelashes (adorable) and also fingernails, which can be fairly sharp by the moment they’re born (ouch!).

Although a 26 week fetus has actually a way to go before they’re fully developed, your organs room mature sufficient that if they’re born prematurely your survival chances are very great (around 89%). However they will require a little extra help to breathe at first, till their lung are ready to walk it alone.

How perform you feel at 26 main pregnant?

Your broadening 26 mainly pregnant belly is probably starting to impact your life an ext and more. If you’re feeling a little clumsy and lacking coordination, that can be since your bang is affecting your feeling of balance. You might start to watch stretch point out on your ship (possibly breasts, hips, and thighs, too) and also experience part “growing pains” as your uterus gets bigger.

Other 26 mainly pregnant symptoms that could affect you include:

Feeling hotTiredness and also trouble sleepingHeadachesSwollen hand or feet

Mention this last symptom to your healthcare provider – that probably as result of water retention, however it could be a authorize of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia, so ideal to get it confirm out.

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And, last however not least, this could be the week your belly switch pops out! If you to be an “innie” before, the press of your growing uterus may turn you right into an “outie”. Things should go earlier to common a couple of months after the birth, though.

Pregnant at 26 weeks: a checklist

What could you take into consideration organizing during week 26 of her pregnancy? this is a couple of ideas:

Start her baby registryBegin decorating the nursery

Some mamas-to-be additionally like to walk on a pilgrimage or “babymoon” at this suggest in your pregnancy, while take trip is quiet (relatively!) comfortable. Where will yours take it you?