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Whew, main 42 is below — and also it"s the official end of her pregnancy.

Your baby will certainly probably acquire some extra monitoring in development of her late-comer"s debut.

Meanwhile, her doctor may recommend inducing labor to gain the process moving follow me — and also your tiny one (finally!) in your arms.

Your infant at main 42


Take heart

While you might feel together if this pregnancy has actually been walk on forever, studies display that an estimated 70 percent that post-term pregnancies aren"t post-term at all.

The frustrating mix-up is typically due to a miscalculation of the day of conception, usually many thanks to rarely often rare ovulation or a mom"s uncertainty around the exact day of the critical menstrual period.

Even if girlfriend do end up amongst the roughly 2 percent of ladies who space truly overdue, understand that prior to this week is over, job will start naturally — or as soon as your practitionerinduces it.

Of course, you"re most likely sick of anyone calling to check out if you"ve had actually the infant yet. But here"s something to focus on together you wait: by this time next week, you"ll it is in snuggling v your newborn.

Past your due date?

Okay, after every those mainly of preparation, perform you type of have that hurry-up-and-wait feeling? at 42 mainly pregnant, you understand why they speak to you an expectant mother — and why now, in your 42nd long, long week, you may be calling yourself an overexpectant mother.

Don"t be discouraged — and don"t call the folks in ~ Guinness to put yourself down as the longest pregnancy on record. It might be helpful to keep in mind that your approximated due day was just that — estimated.

So also though your baby seems to be overdue, there"s a opportunity your dates, and not her baby, are simply a small off the mark, especially if girlfriend didn"t have an early ultrasound (before week 14) to day your pregnancy.

So cave in there and continue to clock for indicators of imminent labor — or get ready because that an brewing induction if her practitioner goes that route.

One prelabor authorize to look at for might be loosened bowel movements. Some women experience mild diarrhea simply prior to the onset of labor. Think the it together nature"s enema — a method to empty your intestines to do room for the baby"s passage through the bear canal.

Here"s a more joy thought: by now next week, you"ll have a brand brand-new beautiful infant to snuggle in her arms and keep friend up at night. An excellent luck!

Postpartum doula

Once the infant comes home, a brand-new mom deserve to expect to be exhausted and also overwhelmed. (So deserve to a new dad, through the way.) Who carry out you call? A certified postpartum doula!

A doula will carry out care because that you and your baby, including breastfeeding advice, cooking, boy care, errands and light cleaning. This wonder worker will certainly teach and also support you and your partner without referee — and also a doula won"t laugh at your pathetic attempts in ~ swaddling.

Such a pregnancy and also postpartum helper knows all around emotional and also physical recovery, child soothing and coping skills, feeding, diapering — anything and also everything the eases the tricky change into parenthood.

The best way to find a postpartum doula is v word that mouth, so ask your pediatrician and your friends or check with DONA International.

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Keep in mental that many doulas charge an hourly rate, therefore you can be flexible around when and how frequently your pregnant companion pertains to help. A few hours a day for the first couple of weeks might mean the difference between a mommy and a zombie.