If you have actually read the Neopian time Editorial lately, you will much more than likely have heard of the much-fabled side account. However what is this strange commodity? Why would you want one? It seems that most human being are a little in the dark end what friend can and also can"t do with a next account. However fear not! hope this article will equip you with all the info you have to navigate the often tricky terrain that the account that announces itself to it is in a side...

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What Is A side Account?

On Neopets friend are enabled a maximum of five accounts. Of this five, you space only allowed to usage one of them to develop Neopoints and generate various other items in ~ the Neopets site, choose the sort you gain from visiting dailies and also things. This account is described as your main account; all others are side accounts, although castle are likewise often described as alternative, alt, holding, lab, foster, gallery, etc. Accounts when mentioned by users. Usually everybody has a main account, that is the one you use to navigate the website with. Even if it is you select to create any kind of extra accounts is completely up come you; over there is no preeminence which states you have to create all five that you are allowed, if girlfriend don"t desire them then that is fine.

Why would You want A side Account?

People create them because that a variety of reasons. The most typical reason is most likely to create space for an ext pets, developing side accounts method you can potentially very own up come 30 pet (31 if you room a Premium Member) for this reason you have the right to paint and morph away to your heart"s content. Another reason is if a user wants a specialized account to conversation on the Neoboards with yet doesn"t want people to know the name of their main account, possibly if they have a many trophies or high-quality pets and also don"t want to have loads of world Neomailing them about something. Also, speak for instance a user has actually a collection of apologize items and then decides they want to collect teapots together well; lock might currently have a most categories in their apple gallery and also so that looks cleaner if they create a next account to residence their teapot arsenal exclusively.


So What deserve to You execute On A next Account?

The quick answer to that is: you have the right to do something on a side account that doesn"t involve developing or purposefully obtaining Neopoints or items. Currently obviously within the there is a the majority of scope because that grey areas to arise and also so that is really easy to obtain confused about what is and also isn"t okay. Listed below is a basic list that the tasks you can and cannot perform on a side account; ns have separated them increase into different topics to make it simpler to search through if over there is a details activity you desire to check. Or girlfriend may just want to use the search duty on your browsers by pushing CTRL and also F then typing in a key word you want to search for.

Auctions and Trades

You room NOT allowed to bid top top auctions or trades on your side account for any type of purpose if those auctions or trades room not her own. However, friend ARE allowed to bid on auctions or trades on your side account just if they space to move Neopoints or items native your main to your side account.


You ARE enabled to collect details avatars on her side accounts. TNT has stated that you might unlock clickable avatars, and also ones that call for you to have actually a certain Pet/Petpet, watch a concert or very own a specific item. However, any type of items should be bought with Neopoints indigenous your main account and then moved across. If you"re borrowing an avatar item from another user climate it would be an excellent manners come tell them it is for your side account. Interestingly, if you very own a Darigan Tonu or a Jetsam on one of two people your key or a next account then you MAY fight them on any of your accounts to acquire the respective avatars.

You space NOT enabled to shot to acquire game avatars on your sides though. Also if you just play that video game on her side the day and avoid it on her main, it"s still versus the rules. Likewise even if you only send a score high enough to acquire you the avatar and no others, it"s still versus the rules.

Bank Accounts

Having a financial institution account on your side is most likely a very bad idea. Whilst TNT have actually never stated that it"s versus the rules to just open a bank account ~ above a side, they have said the you may NOT collect attention on them as that is successfully earning friend Neopoints and also is a quick means of gaining yourself right into trouble. That makes more sense to store all your Neopoints in a bank account on her main, really; that method you will certainly earn much more interest ~ above it each day and also you can constantly make usage of the PIN function to further protect your wealth.

Battledome and also Training

Because the the Neopoint and item prizes currently being offered out at any time a user wins a Battledome fight, battling on side accounts is not enabled for the time being. TNT room still considering their approach to this issue, therefore this is one rule that may adjust in the future. Girlfriend are, however, much more than welcome come train the pets the live on your side accounts, either sending over the required codestones and dubloons indigenous your main or taking benefit of the free training offered on pets festival days.

Book Awards

You ARE enabled to read publications to your Neopets on side-accounts. It is also okay for her Neopets to get a Neopian book Award and also Booktastic publication Award top top side-accounts since they offer no prize however the trophy on her Neopet"s lookup.

Contests and also Voting

You ARE allowed to go into the complying with contests, due to the fact that they offer no prize various other than a trophy: the beauty, beauty Contest, the Customisation Spotlight, the Neohome Spotlight, the pets Spotlight, the website Spotlight, the User Lookup Spotlight, or any type of spotlights for producing a level in various games.

You are NOT permitted to go into the following contests, since they do provide out prizes: far better Than You, the inscription Contest, the Lenny Conundrum, the mystery Picture Competition, the random Contest, or the Storytelling Contest. Friend are also NOT permitted to go into anything for the art Gallery or the city Gallery.

If you enter any of the contests, TNT asks that you just advertise her entry on the account you have actually entered. So, because that example, if you go into the Beauty contest on a next account then be certain to only advertise on that account. Otherwise it gets confusing and can look favor you are heralding on someone else"s behalf. If you are able to vote on your very own entry in any of the above contests climate you can vote for it (although it"s a little bit sneaky and not in the soul of things) however ONLY indigenous your key account. You are NOT allowed to poll for your entry from or on any of your other accounts (including the account you gotten in on if that is a side account) to bump her score.

NOTE: If you get in a dispute on a next account yet you would like your main account to get the trophy because that it then simply put a keep in mind in in addition to your entry saying together much. When TNT can"t insurance to comply with this, they have actually said the they will shot their best to perform so.



"Dailies" are activities on the website that girlfriend are allowed to do as soon as each day (hence the term) and also since most of them have actually the potential to give out Neopoints and also items they space a identify no-no for your side account. This method that things such together the Tombola, the Fruit Machine, the way Old King, the the personality is bad Old King, the Deserted Tomb, Coltzan"s Shrine or the Underwater Fishing Cavern must NOT be went to on any account other than her main. This isn"t a substantial list as people"s definition of what constitutes a daily will differ, the rule of thumb though is that if you have the possibility to victory Neopoints or items from it then it is NOT okay to do it top top a side account.

There are, however, part exceptions. TNT has declared that girlfriend ARE enabled to visit both the heal Springs and also the Soup Kitchen on your side accounts, because it would certainly be devilish to leave her pets hungry or sick. Likewise you CAN visit the Island Mystic and also the Haiku Generator as neither will give you anything, other than maybe one avatar or a small giggle. If you catch Count von Roo while that is awake, climate you CAN pat Deadly Dice on side accounts.

Experienced/Loyal User Perks

You ARE enabled to restock at the almost Abandoned Attic and also the hidden Tower on discount job if your key account is no old enough yet one of her side account is. However, there are some conditions!You might only restock at these 2 shops using one account. As soon as you"re banned for the day, there"s no dance to various other accounts, or trying come avoid getting banned by using multiple accounts.All funds must come from your main account.Do not shot to look for loopholes in these rules. TNT are currently being generosity enough!You can view all the competent user exclusive right on our guide.

Faerie Quests

You ARE enabled to complete any faerie quests that you obtain randomly ~ above a side account, so long as the items needed to finish the search are bought making use of Neopoints indigenous your key account. You ARE permitted to transport a pet from one more account to get the reward of the Faerie Quest.

Also, if you have actually an active faerie search on your key account, friend ARE permitted to log right into a side and use the Shop wizard to uncover the item you need. However, as always, the Neopoints to buy the item have to come indigenous your main account, so it"s probably finest to simply copy the username the the human being whose shop you decide to buy from and then wait till you have logged earlier into your key account prior to pasting it into the search bar.

You space NOT enabled to do any kind of quests that you need to request, including Illusen, Jhudora, Esphagor, etc. This likewise includes Faerie pursuit Fortune Cookies.


This is where it start to gain a tiny complicated. When you authorize up for an account girlfriend are provided the chance to collect a "Newbie Pack" of a few items to acquire you started. Friend ARE allowed to collect this fill on any type of side accounts you create. In addition to this, you ARE permitted to collection the totally free NC shopping mall welcome gift on any sides friend create.

Occasionally there are complimentary goodie bags offered out native the NC Mall come commemorate its date of birth or other turning points on the site. Since these bags only award Neocash items friend ARE allowed to collection them on your side accounts together well.

Freebies you room NOT enabled to collect incorporate the monthly freebies that 2,000 NP and also food items; nor room you enabled to collect items indigenous the Tarla alert, visit the gigantic Omelette or the large Jelly.

Freezings and Suspensions

If your main account is frozen for every little thing reason then you ARE permitted to pick one of your next accounts and use that as your key in the meantime, as mentioned by TNT in this editorial answer (the last little bit that it). If her account to be frozen as a preventative measure because somebody scammed their way into it climate you have the right to use a side as a main account when you occupational with TNT to obtain it unfrozen. However, it"s much better to hold off on do Neopoints till your key account has been unfrozen simply so that doesn"t look choose you"re utilizing multiple accounts to make Neopoints.

This walk NOT mean that you are allowed to usage a side account as if the were her main throughout a suspension. If you gain suspended because that any duration of time you are NOT permitted to just switch come a next account and pick up wherein you left turn off for the duration of her suspension; gift suspended is meant to it is in a punishment for breaking the rules, not just an inconvenience which means you have to switch accounts.


If you desire to girlfriend CAN open up a collection on any kind of of your side accounts. As usual though, any type of Neopoints because that creating and also expanding your gallery should come from your main account, together should any items you intend to display in claimed gallery. Galleries top top a next account are default to it is in submitted because that the collection Spotlight.


This is the easiest section to cover as you space NOT permitted to play games of any sort on her side accounts. Even if it is they be regular Flash games, an essential Quest or NeoQuest; if TNT catches you playing games on a side account you will be frozen. The doesn"t matter if you only play a certain game on your side and not your main, sending any type of score top top a next account will get you right into trouble. Therefore don"t carry out it.



You MAY either sign up with or produce a guild on any kind of of your side accounts. As far as guild shops go, well, this is wherein it it s okay interesting... TNT have stated that friend CAN have a donation shop on one of your side accounts (the final point mentioned in this editorial answer), although any proceeds make from that shop belong to the guild together a whole and also not the individual who held the shop. Together for why you would also need a guild shop, TNT suggested you could use the Neopoints to buy one advert for the guild ~ above the an alert Boards; so long as you don"t use them because that a giveaway (which is against the rules anywhere on the site) or to break the rule in any other method then what you carry out with them is as much as you. Personally, though, the totality subject is a very messy area in regards to what is and isn"t allowed so I would advise girlfriend to continue to be well far from guild donation shops of any kind of kind. That"s just me though.

Lab Ray

Nice and simple this bit. You ARE enabled to visit the mystery Laboratory ~ above a side account; this is most likely the most common reason for developing one, actually. Girlfriend will need to buy a brand-new set of map pieces for each account though, as once you redeem them they will certainly disappear and so can"t be reused.


You ARE permitted to redeem Neocash cards on any of her accounts, although any kind of item you receive as a reward because that doing so need to be sent to your main account to be sold. (By this ns mean any kind of non-NC shopping center items that you are provided as a reward because that buying a Neocash card, such as these.)


You ARE enabled to develop a Neohome on her side account, but any type of furniture you put in it and also any Neopoints compelled to construct or expand it all have to come from her main. It"s likewise worth noting that if you have a classic Neohome top top a next account and also you decision you don"t desire it anymore, girlfriend ARE enabled to sell the land back to the bank. Also though this will properly be earning girlfriend Neopoints ~ above a next account, TNT have actually acknowledged that because this is just a portion of what you paid because that the land in the very first place that is taken into consideration to be more of a minor recoup the losses together opposed come putting new Neopoints into the economy.


You room NOT enabled to get involved in any kind of plots on her side accounts. Because plots compensation points which have the right to be provided to purchase prizes you need to only participate in lock on your main account. This includes the annual Altador Cup as well.

Pound Surfing

You ARE permitted to take on pets from the lb on her side accounts, so long as any Neopoints you usage to adopt the pet come from your key account.

Random Events

If you receive items or Neopoints native a Random event on among your side accounts, girlfriend ARE enabled to store what girlfriend win and transfer it over to your key account.

Shops and also Restocking

Whilst girlfriend ARE enabled to in reality open a shop top top a next account (whether you desire to carry out so because that the Emo Usuki avatar or simply to balance out your lookup a little bit more), you"re NOT allowed to sell anything from it. So lengthy as it just sits over there empty that is fine.

You are not enabled to buy from any user shops or main Neopian shops (aside native the two details TNT-approved exceptions stated below) from any side account. If you space restock banned on your main account you CANNOT then deliver funds over to her side and also carry on. If you room restock banned that is a ban against YOU, not your account. The ban will certainly lift in 24 hrs or so, in the during I"m afraid you"ll just have actually to discover something else to do.


Skirting the Rules

People have long been making use of side account to try and gain around certain rules; the goes without saying that if friend get caught doing any type of of the following then TNT will discover out about it and also will freeze your side account and also possibly even your main as well:

Using the referral device to produce a side account - the referral regime is intended to attract new players to the site, abusing it come create one more account for you yourself is versus the rules.Getting roughly age restrictions - TNT was generous and have allowed you to usage the practically Abandoned Attic and also Hidden Tower ~ above discount job if your main account is as well young however you have a side account that"s old enough. However, this is so far the only acceptable case. If your key account is also young to do various other things, you"re not permitted to walk on a next account and bypass the age restriction. You are NOT enabled to shot and get approximately the "one item per day native the surprise Tower" dominion by purchase from there on multiple side accounts.Giving an old next account to a girlfriend who has been frozen - offering accounts in basic is against the rules, but giving an account that is numerous months old to someone for the express purpose of getting around the limitations that come with brand-new accounts is most definitely NOT allowed.

I walk Something ~ above A side That ns Shouldn"t Have!

Don"t panic! TNT realise that, together a human being (you space a human, aren"t you?), you room not perfect and also are susceptible to make the odd wrong now and then. If you accidentally do something on among your sides the you shouldn"t have done, choose a everyday or playing a game, simply make certain that girlfriend don"t do whatever it was on your main for that day and shot to be much more careful in future. That being said, TNT space not stupid and if you repeatedly have actually these "accidents" then you will rouse their suspicion and also they will watch every little thing you carry out even an ext closely.

To protect against making these little slip-ups, it"s a an excellent idea to set up her site preferences so the you have actually a various site layout for each account. That means you are much more likely to notice if you room on the wrong account before doing an task you"re not supposed to.

I Think I favor My side Account name Better

TNT have said the you ARE allowed to switch which account you usage as a main. However by that they average that it"s okay to perform this once or twice throughout the entire time girlfriend play Neopets, not a couple of times a month. As they said in this editorial answer it is no something come be excellent lightly and you should be sure before you perform it, because if you then adjust your mind and go ago to her old account it will certainly look choose you were just doing things you shouldn"t have been law on a side account.

If you plan on changing your main account climate there isn"t yes, really any set procedure for marking the change. I would advise that you hold off on making any NP or doing any kind of dailies because that a job though, come make certain that you don"t accidentally do something girlfriend shouldn"t have within the very same 24 hour period. You deserve to then transfer your Neopoints across to your new account making use of the commerce Post, merely put increase a junk items on the receiving account and offer your NP on it (you may need to perform this numerous times as result of the 2,000,000 Neopoint market limit). You can transfer items conveniently this method as well quite than having to send every item come the new account individually.

It is a good idea to brand your accounts together well; TNT have said that they don"t specifically pay really much fist to message players leave for castle on your lookups (about other human being using the same computer and also such) yet it can"t pains to brand them just in situation they wonder why you"re unexpectedly making Neopoints elsewhere. Because that example, you can put a keep in mind on the lookup that your previous main account saying something to the impact of ""s next Account". That means you can likewise link back to your new main account so the anybody looking to contact you have the right to redirect Neomails to your new main wherein they won"t be ignored.

Wait, are You allowed To...

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If her query wasn"t covered over then ns would indicate doing a rapid search that chrischona2015.org"s an extremely own Editorial Database to watch if it has been discussed in the past. If not, then you can always send in a concern to the Neopian Editorial.