The different varieties of beer glasses accessible around the civilization are vast. However, we want to put together an overview of the most popular beer glasses the are used in numerous craft beer bars today.

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Taking the moment to choose the finest glass for her beer will aid you gain it to the fullest – by release the aromas, allowing you to examine the beautiful color, and even by guiding you come a an ideal serving size depending upon potency. Selecting the exactly glassware can take her beer drinking experience to the following level…

Pint Glass


The pint glass is by far the most famous beer glassware used. Practically cylindrical in shape, the pint glass has a slim taper and also wide-mouth. Traditionally this would host 20 imperial liquid ounces, and you still discover these supplied for numerous British ales and stouts through thick heads, yet an American pint holds 16 US liquid ounces, and also is the standard supplied today for most lagers, pale ales, and pilsners.

Weizen Glass / Wheat Beer Glass


Specifically do to help with the larger volume and also a head the foams an ext than other beers, the Weizen glass (or wheat beer glass) is tall, thin, and also has a big opening, helping to release those banana / clove / citrus aromas the wheat beers are known for. Many will host 0.5 Litres of beer, thanks to their European beginning (that’s 16.9 fl oz), but there are sometimes variations in the sizing.

Goblet or Chalice Glass


Goblets are stemmed, bulbous glasses of a medium size, perfect for a healthy and balanced pour of Belgian ales, German bocks, and also other large heavy beers. Chalices space very similar in size and also shape, yet with a rather thicker glass and also heavier stems. They both target to maintain a head of around one inch, use a broad mouth for easy sipping, and also hold around 13 ounces the beer.

Tulip glass


Named to recommendation its shape, the tulip glass begins rounded at the stem, however has one elongated top, making a glass that better maintains head of an ext effervescent beers such together pale ales, while additionally trapping the much more forward aromas of Scottish ales and also American double/imperial IPAs.

Snifter Glasses because that Beer


Usually supplied for sipping brandy and cognac, the snifter has actually made the shift into beer glass territory, albeit a shrunken 9 or 10 oz size. Virtually exclusively used when it comes to the much more potent brews such together double/imperial IPAs, Belgian ales, barley wines and wheat wines. The form helps catch the ‘volatile compounds’ that a brew, i m sorry are basically the crucial components the you want delivered to her olfactory mechanism in order to enjoy the full aromas of a drink.

Beer Sample glass


At any kind of Bottleneck administration pour house, we offer 6oz pours the all our breeze beers together a method to sample miscellaneous new, rare, or unusual without committing come a bigger pour. We additionally use 4 of this to produce a beer flight, which any guest can customize come their own liking. If sample glasses deserve to vary in size and shape, we choose to market the 6 ounce size in order to share a generous taste before anyone renders up your mind ~ above a new beer.

As stated above, there are other less typical beer glasses around, and even some speciality glassware such together the flute glass (often provided for lambics and also fruited beers), a boot, a stein, and even a yard glass. These have actually mixed traditions and also origins, and also are an ext often seen in europe countries, or specialist/themed bars, and we may determined to cover them in a future blog post.


by Bottleneck Management.

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