To transform an oz measurement come a ton measurement, divide the load by the conversion ratio.

due to the fact that one ton is same to 32,000 ounces, you have the right to use this an easy formula to convert:

Ounces and also tons room both units supplied to measure up weight. Keep analysis to learn more about every unit that measure.

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One oz is a unit the mass/weight same to 1/16 the a pound. The typical ounce should not be puzzled with the trojan ounce, i beg your pardon is equal to 1/12 the a trojan pound.<1>

The ounce is a united state customary and also imperial unit of weight. Ounces deserve to be abbreviated as oz; for example, 1 ounce can be composed as 1 oz.


One brief ton, sometimes dubbed a united state ton, is equal to 2,000 pounds and also is largely used in the united state as a unit that mass/weight.

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<2> The quick ton have to not be perplexed with the lengthy ton, i m sorry is used greatly in the unified Kingdom, or the metric ton i m sorry is used in many other countries.

The ton is a us customary unit that weight. A ton is sometimes likewise referred to as a brief ton. Tons can be abbreviated together t; because that example, 1 ton can be created as 1 t.

Ounce to Ton switch Table

Ounce measurements converted to tons Ounces tons
1 oz 0.00003125 t
2 oz 0.0000625 t
3 oz 0.00009375 t
4 oz 0.000125 t
5 oz 0.000156 t
6 oz 0.000188 t
7 oz 0.000219 t
8 oz 0.00025 t
9 oz 0.000281 t
10 oz 0.000313 t
100 oz 0.003125 t
1,000 oz 0.03125 t
10,000 oz 0.3125 t
100,000 oz 3.125 t


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