How numerous Pieces of Sod carry out You acquire When you Buy a Pallet that Grass?

When you acquisition a pallet that grass, exactly how much area will that pallet cover? carry out you save lot money by buying a pallet of grass instead of grass by the piece? In this video, Houston Grass south Owner Michael Romine talks about how plenty of pieces that grass are on a pallet and how much the pallet will certainly cover. Each item of grass sod is 16 customs by 24 inches. If you have actually questions, please contact us at 281-431-7441 or send us an email using the contact form.

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This is a summary of Michael’s video.

How numerous pieces the sod space there top top a pallet the grass? To make 50 square yards, you need to put 165 pieces of sod grass ~ above a pallet and also those room the 16 by 24-inch pieces.

How countless Pieces that Sod top top a Pallet the Grass

At our farm, we in reality throw on five extras. In ~ our farm, they speak to them “170s”, due to the fact that the small ticker top top the harvesting machine counts 170 pieces. That’s when they avoid stacking the grass ~ above the pallet is at 170 pieces, so you’re actually gaining a couple of extras.

In the center of summer, if the top layer of grass sits out in the sunlight for a small bit also long, it have the right to burn those peak pieces up. So possibly that can be one of the factors for lock throwing top top the extra. However you can be rest assured that if girlfriend buy a 50-yard pallet indigenous us, you’re absolutely gaining 50 yards the top-quality grass because that sure. You will not be shorted grass.

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Houston Grass South provides you top-quality grass sod at an excellent prices. You have the right to be assured of the high quality of our grass sod because we thrive it ourselves at our family members farm in just City, Texas. Even if it is you’re in search of St. Augustine grass, website traffic tolerant Bermuda grass, or the exceptionally beautiful Zoysia grass, you’ll it is in the envy the your ar for year to come if girlfriend buy your grass from Houston Grass South! speak to us this day at 281-431-7441.