MB to Pixels Converter

This is a an excellent and easy-to-use converter the you deserve to use to convert Megabyte (MB) come Pixel (px) immediately. Type the MB value, the element ratio, and also choose the bit depth value, then click on the transform button, it is it!

Megabytes (MB):Aspect ratio (Ratio width and also height):


Bit depth:1-bit8-bit16-bit24-bit30-bit32-bit36-bit48-bit64-bit

The number of bits provided to store the color of every pixel is called bit depth. The little depth of one image record tells friend its tonal resolution.

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The little depth determines the amount of color information accessible for every pixel in the image. The an ext bits of color information allocated to every pixel, the greater the variety of available colors and the an ext accurate your display.

Aspect ratio is the ratio in between the width and height of an image.

When the element ratio is to express as 2 numbers separated by a (:), the very first number usually describes the horizontal next of the image and the second number come the vertical. Because that example, 3:2 denotes a horizontal picture taken in see orientation. A 2: 3 will be considered a upright image.

How to usage MB come Pixels Converter

First, enter the MB value

Second, enter the element ratio value

Third, choose the little bit depth value

Finally, click top top the transform button

Video Tutorial: how To usage MB come Pixels Converter

How to convert MB to pixels?

To transform megabytes to pixels, you deserve to use the above converter we provide to do the conversion virtual for free, or you can manually transform MB to pixels using the MB to pixels counter formula.

What is the formula of counter MB to pixels?

You can convert MB to pixels using the digital megabytes to pixels converter available over for free, additionally you have the right to use the following formulas:


Pixels resolution = (8*1024*1024*Kilobytes value)/(bit value)


Width in pixels = pixels resolution*aspect ration


Height in pixels = pixels resolution*(1/aspect ratio)

The digital MB come pixels converter is better than hands-on conversion due to the fact that it is fast and also accurate.

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Mb come Pixels conversion Chart

This is a table because that the most usual MB come Pixels conversion outcomes at 4:3 respect ratio and 24-bit depth. In addition to this, you deserve to use the online megabytes to pixels converter come convert any kind of MB value to pixels for free.

1 MB683 X 512 pixels
2 MB965 X 724 pixels
3 MB1182 X 887 pixels
4 MB1365 X 1024 pixels
5 MB1526 X 1145 pixels
6 MB1672 X 1254 pixels
7 MB1806 X 1355 pixels
8 MB1931 X 1448 pixels
9 MB2048 X 1536 pixels
10 MB2159 X 1619 pixels
11 MB2264 X 1698 pixels
12 MB2365 X 1774 pixels
13 MB2461 X 1846 pixels
14 MB2554 X 1916 pixels
15 MB2644 X 1983 pixels
16 MB2731 X 2048 pixels
17 MB2815 X 2111 pixels
18 MB2896 X 2172 pixels
19 MB2976 X 2232 pixels
20 MB3053 X 2290 pixels