Field goals

The team v the many points at the finish of a basketball game is the winner. In basketball, teams mainly score points with ar goals.

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In this tutorial, we will find out what a field goal is, just how it is made, and also how countless points it"s worth.

Basketball ar Goals

A ar goal in basketball is worth two or three points and also requires a player to shoot the ball into his team"s basket. Field goals deserve to be made from anywhere on the court as lengthy as the ball-handler is inbounds.

The term ar goal is lot less common than simply saying shot. This is the technical term provided in the rulebook and also is largely used by statisticians and also analysts.

Basketball Two-Pointers


A field goal worth two points is dubbed a two-pointer. Any shot that a player makes from top top or within the three-point heat is a two-pointer.

Basketball Three-Pointers


A field goal worth three points is called a three-pointer. Any shot that a player makes from external the three-point line is a three-pointer.

Basketball ar Goal Rules

For a field goal to count 3 things should happen:

You should shoot the ball into your team"s basket.You must keep both feet inbounds once taking the shot.

Basketball Court border Lines


A player must remain inbounds once shooting a ar goal. Both feet should stay inbounds and also if one of two people foot touches the border lines, it will an outcome in a turnover and the various other team will gain the ball.

Basketball shoot Clock


The shoot clock keeps monitor of exactly how long a team deserve to have possession the the ball. In the NBA, the shooting clock lasts 24 seconds. In university basketball, the shoot clock large 30 seconds. The shoot clock will certainly reset after any kind of successful field goal is made.

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Basketball field Goal Percentage

A statistic you should know as a basketball fan is a player"s field goal percentage. This stat will tell you just how successful a player has remained in the previous at shooting from both inside and also beyond the three-point line. In both university basketball and also the NBA, a an excellent field goal percent is anything over 50%.