Touchdowns and also Extra Points

Unlike traditional football, the vast bulk of points in flag football room scored from Touchdowns and the ensuing try for points. Although there is no kicking option, teams have the capacity to operation up their score by their decision to try for one, two, or three extra points adhering to a Touchdown.

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Touchdown Signal

Both public representative should offer the Touchdown mechanic in ~ the very same time. This way using non-verbal communication. A basic head nod correctly or no will do, yet it is crucial that this happen. It prevents one official from signaling a Touchdown if the various other signals no good. It renders the crew look far better as a totality if both both officials room on the exact same page.


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Touchdowns A Touchdown is scored when the team v legal possession of the sphere crosses into or catches the ball in the endzone. Only the nose requirements to break into the score line"s plane. A Touchdown is precious 6 points and also the scoring team is entitled to an effort for extra points.The airplane of the goal line extends the end of bounds. As such if a player extends the ball past the pylon but stays inbounds or jumps native inbounds and the round crosses the aircraft before lock land, a Touchdown is scored. ~ above a play whereby the round is crossing the aircraft of the goal line, just the heat Judge and also Field Judge should signal a Touchdown. Top top a play right into the endzone itself, prefer a reception, the earlier Judge and also either the field Judge or the heat Judge have to make the call, whichever main is closer.

Deflagging the Player that Scored after ~ a scoring play, the closest main will technique the player that scored and also ask to eliminate their flags. This is to ensure that the flag belt was not tied and not otherwise secured illegally. This procedure is adhered to after every scoring play to save the football player honest. If a player"s belt does not come off after 3 tries, it will be deemed illegal and also the Touchdown is disallowed. The player is disqualified and it is a 10 yard loss of under penalty from the ahead spot.

Penalties top top the Defense when a punish on the defense is committed on a scoring play the offense is offered the choice whether the penalty will certainly be assessed ~ above the shot for clues or the defense"s being successful play. Unsportsmanlike or an individual fouls need to be assessed top top the try for point. Ordinarily the violation would have to decrease the punish to take it the points, however this is one exception. It stays clear of the defense from getting away v blatant penalty on evident scoring plays.

Touchdown Celebrations

The scoring team is not allowed to spike the ball or to excessively celebrate the Touchdown. This is a gray area the the officials must make sure does not come to be a taunting gesture in the direction of the protective team. This is an unsportsmanlike penalty.

Extra Points

Extra points are attempted ~ a Touchdown. These try for points are for 1, 2, or 3 extra points. The scoring team’s captain will educate the Referee of what they setup to attempt. The scoring team deserve to only change their decision if a timeout is referred to as by either team. If a penalty is assessed against either team, the adjust in yardage go not affect the worth of the extra points. If a penalty is called, the value of the try for points can not be changed - also if a timeout is called. If time has expired, and the extra points will have no bearing top top the result of the game, the try shall it is in ignored. Extra points in the last minute of the second half space untimed downs. If time expired on the play there shall be one scrimmage play unless changed by penalty. If the defensive team legally profit possession of the ball, they may return it for a Touchdown, earning lock 3 points. after ~ a try-for-point, the round shall be snapped by the opponent of the scoring team at their own 20 yard line, unless moved by a penalty.

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Goal heat Plays

R: assist rule on advance of the ball and also if the plane of the goal has actually been crossed, signal Touchdown just if you have actually a clear view. Otherwise look to the line Judge to assist rule on close plays. LJ: Move to the goal line as shortly as the sphere is snapped, stay large and store the pat in prior of you, signal Touchdown if the ball crosses the goal in Team A’s possession. Connect with BJ on records in your edge of the endzone.


FJ: at any time the round is snapped inside the 15 yard line, straddle the goal line and stand external the cone. Signal Touchdown just if the is within her coverage area. Connect with line Judge on close plays come the opposite next of the field. Connect with BJ on captures in your edge of the endzone. BJ: should be positioned ~ above the endline to start the play and take full responsibility for that line. Only signal Touchdown if the round is recorded in friend area. Connect with LJ or FJ on captures in particular corners the the endzone.