When people ask me just how much brisket they require per human the conventional answer I give is the you desire one lb of uncooked packer brisket per guest. I favor that answer due to the fact that it is straightforward for folks to remember and results in a generous part size for her guests.

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Let’s take a watch at wherein that number comes from so girlfriend can change it for your event if friend desire.

A totality packer brisket (grade choice or Prime) is going to have a the majority of fat that demands trimming. In between trimming the fat and general shrinkage, a brisket can loosened up come 50% that its load by the time it is ready to serve.

I want folks to have actually a half pound the brisket together a serving. To acquire a fifty percent pound of perfect brisket then I must start with one pound of raw brisket presume the 50% loss.

So let’s examine some presumptions here. A packer brisket losing 50% of its weight is a little extreme. The much more likely script is 35-40%. My serving size of a half pound per person can also be adjusted. For example, most catering outfits assume 1/3 the of lb of meat per human being while my both me and also teenage son can polish turn off a pound of brisket.

I am additionally assuming the you room working with a packer brisket and not a trimmed flat. If friend are taking care of a trimmed flat then the loss will certainly be less (15-25%) and also you won’t require as much per person.


The quality of your side key will also effect exactly how much brisket folks will want. Some classic sides that you could consider are:

Pinto BeansPotato SaladMacaroni and also CheeseStuffed JalapenosCole Slaw

Smoke more Brisket than You Need

If you have actually the chance, I indicate smoking an ext brisket 보다 you should feed her crew. There is always the possibility that one of your guests is going to it is in a hefty hitter and also running the end of food sucks.

It is also a the majority of work to smoke a brisket and also I like having a tiny extra to have as leftovers for every one of my troubles.

A cheat I use to stretch how much brisket people eat is to complement the menu. I like to cook a lb or two of nice sausage (smoked brats, Italian, etc), slice them along a diagonal and also place lock on the exact same serving platter as the brisket. Folks will often skip acquisition a totality sausage yet they can’t help but seize some as soon as it is sliced up.

Another means I stretch things out is to make a different tray of quick and also easy fake burnt ends. You have the right to make these by cigarette smoking a lining roast or boneless beef ribs. Making use of the smaller cuts allows you gain these prepared in simply a couple of hours. Girlfriend could likewise make a plate of pork belly charred ends and watch human being really walk nuts.

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A last tip to consider for brisket consumption is exactly how the food is laid out. You deserve to place the bowl on one side of the buffet and also have the brisket on the other. In between will be every one of your side dishes. This will encourage human being to to fill up an ext room on your plates with the next dishes prior to they even get come the brisket.