These Steak Fajitas space so insanely delicious, friend won’t believe they cook in as tiny as 10 minutes. Our quick and easy an approach makes tender, expertly jug skirt steak in a sizzling skillet filled v bell peppers and also onions. This enjoy the meal is delicious enough for a treat, but simple enough because that the consistent dinner rotation!

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Easy dress Steak Fajitas = ideal Skillet Dinner!

Fajitas have constantly been my enjoy the meal of choice. Due to the fact that I flourished up in Texas, ns quickly ended up being a connoisseur and most definitely hold opinions top top what makes great fajitas.

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These homemade Beef Fajitas will certainly stack up against your favourite Mexican food restaurant any type of day!

They inspect all the most essential boxes:

Super tenderOver the peak flavorInsanely fresh

And not only do they have the big stuff covered, what makes these the best steak fajitas likewise deliver top top the straightforward factor huge time food preparation in only 10 minutes, plus simply a couple of extra minutes of prep all made in just one skillet for basic clean up! 

That my friends is what dinner have to be.

How to offer Steak Fajitas

When you do Fajitas, you already have the basic of a complete meal v a protein and veggies.

To take it from an excellent to great, you need to add some toppings and a couple of sides.

What to put in Fajitas

I choose to offer a selection of toppings so the each person can customize their own fajita. This makes not only for a child pleasing dinner, but likewise a great option because that entertaining or having a party.

Start with a tortilla- you have the right to use flour or corn based upon preference. Then add all the toppings friend want… or the your fajita can hold!

Here space my favorite toppings for fajitas:

Sour creamGuacamoleCheddar cheeseShredded lettuceChopped cilantro

Got the toppings! So what go well with fajitas? 

Sides because that Fajitas

Mexican riceRefried or black color beansChips – offered with salsa, agakmall or queso

How much fajita meat execute you need per person?

You need to account for 4 oz of life meat per human being when offered with vegetables, rice, and beans. If there room no sides, you should estimate 8 oz the steak per person.

Cooking tricks – exactly how to do Steak Fajitas

As I pointed out above, the beauty beauty of this steak fajitas is all in the method.

I am going to walk through my tips and tricks here, to help answer any type of questions that can pop up, however you will uncover the full recipe card at the bottom the this post.

The Ingredients

What is the best steak because that fajitas?

I prefer to usage skirt steak because that fajitas. I think it supplies the best mix of tenderness and also flavor, plus it was the original meat the was provided when fajitas were very first created!

Flank steak, hanger steak and also sirloin flap all have a similar texture and also taste and can be good substitutes as well.


Fajita Veggies

I favor to store it timeless with mine fajitas. Although these days you will see everything from mushrooms, to cauliflower and much more in fajitas, this recipe simply calls because that the classics- bell pepper and also onion.

You deserve to use any kind of color bell pepper you desire for fajitas, but I really prefer to use 1 green and also 1 red, yellow and also orange. Because the red, yellow, and orange peppers have a sweeter taste 보다 the green peppers it gives a bit an ext depth the flavor.

Fajita Seasoning

I extremely recommend using a homemade fajita seasoning because it gives the best flavor there is no the fillers. 

This homemade fajita seasoning i use just takes minutes to put together, and also it will save in her cabinet for as lengthy as a year.

Another included bonus of fajita seasoning do from scrape is the it is friendly for gluten free, dairy products free, and also low carbohydrate diets. For this reason if friend are food preparation for a special diet, make sure to use homemade since many packages ~ above the shelf don’t comply with these restrictions.

Our 4 Step an approach (The mystery Sauce!)

The an approach in cooking these beef fajitas is both what makes them therefore delicious and also what renders them for this reason easy! it is a straightforward 3 step process:

Prep the ingredientsCook top top high heatThe signature fajita sizzle



We usage HIGH warm in this recipe so things relocate fast!

TIP: Make sure to have every one of your ingredient prepped and ready before starting to cook so you have the right to keep up v the speed for the ideal results!

In part fajita recipes friend will cook the steak as a whole, and also then slice it after the is cooked. In our recipe you will certainly pre-slice the dress steak.

This is important because it permits the steak to chef quickly in the skillet.

The veggies should also be sliced right into uniform strips.

How long to chef steak fajitas

We use high heat to provide the external of the skirt steak and vegetables the delicious caramelization that makes the flavor therefore good!

Since the warm is therefore high, it only takes simply a pair of minute to obtain them cooked to whereby we desire them. You also have to store a careful eye on castle so that you don’t leave them on as well long and also burn or over chef both the steak and also vegetables.

The vegetables will take about 3-4 minutes and I like to cook these very first for 2 reasons.

The vegetables will proceed to cook and also soften together they sitThis permits you to offer the steak together hot, fresh and sizzling as possible

The steak fajitas will take about 4-5 minutes total to cook, excellent in steps.

First place the steak in the pan in a solitary layer- gaining it as spread out and also flat as feasible will add more flavor. Stand up to the urge to stir, you desire it come sit 2-3 minute so it get get the nice wealthy brown caramelization top top the the end side.Flip the steak come the other side. I find that almost as shortly as i am done doing this I have the right to move on to the following step.Mix in the butter, garlic and also lime juice. Due to the fact that the skillet and also steak space so hot, this cook nearly instantly, so you have the right to remove the skillet native the heat and also serve while the fajitas space still sizzling!

Sizzling Fajitas

This last step is where you gain that signature sizzle for your fajitas.

When you include the butter garlic and lime juice into the skillet ~ above high heat, the will automatically produce the sizzle native the moisture in the butter and lime juice.

The mix of these 3 ingredients also add an insane level that flavor!

Be all set to stir earlier in the veggies and get your hot sizzling skillet come the table asap!

Time conserving Tips

It doesn’t acquire much much faster than this recipe, yet if you understand you will be in a hurry when it is time to cook, there space a couple of things you can do to do this cooking recipes even much more quick and also easy.

Buy pre-cut peppers and onions– girlfriend can find these in the frozen fridge in the develop section of many grocery stores. If you don’t desire to purchase pre-cut veggies, girlfriend can also cut them as much as 48 hrs in advance and save them in the fridge.Pre-cut her steak– In plenty of nicer grocery store stores, the butcher will cut meat for you to her specifications if you lug it to the counter. Utilize this brief cut to save time and mess. Girlfriend can also pre-cut your own meat as much as 48 hours in advance of making the recipe.Prep or purchase Fajita seasoning – You have the right to make homemade fajita seasoning approximately a year in advance or buy pre-made seasoning at the store.Steak Fajita Freezer Meal– You can make this recipe together a freezer meal so the it is all prepped and also ready to go as soon as friend are prepared to cook. See full directions below.


Freezer enjoy the meal Instructions

Steak fajitas deserve to be frozen both before or after cooking to prep for an easy meal one more night.

Using a Steak Fajita freezer enjoy the meal will give you similar results in taste as the original recipe, but the structure of the vegetables will be slightly much less crisp when cooking after being frozen.

Steak fajitas will last around 2-3 months in the freezer.

To freeze prior to cooking:

Cut and season meat. Place in a zip peak or vacuum sealed bag and also remove as much air as feasible then seal.Chop peppers and onions and place them in a separate zip height or vacuum sealed bag.Garlic, butter and also lime juice can also be frozen in a different bag if desired, or used fresh when cooking.Place every bags in the freezer and also freeze.When ready to cook, thaw for 24-48 hrs in the refrigerator.Cook together directed in the recipe.

To freeze after cooking:

Prepare steak fajitas together directed.Let cool.Package beef and also veggies in meal sized portions in a freezer bag or airtight container.Freeze.When prepared to eat, thaw in the frozen refrigerator or warm in the microwave, or in a skillet.

Dietary Restrictions

Beef Fajitas are naturally friendly for many varieties of diets and can be easily modified come meat others.

Many of the points that could be restrictive room in the toppings and optional!

Paleo- This recipe deserve to be modified come comply with the paleo diet by substituting olive oil because that butter and using homemade fajita seasoning.Whole30 – This recipe can be modified to comply with a Whole30 diet plan by substituting olive oil because that butter and also using homemade fajita seasoning.Keto- This cooking recipes is naturally compliant because that a Keto diet once not eaten with tortillas.

Steak Fajita Leftovers + Recipes

To save any leftovers you could have, division them into meal size portions and place in the

refrigerator because that 3-4 daysfreezer for up to 2 months

Leftover Fajitas recipe Ideas

Fajitas are one of my favorite leftovers simply since there space so numerous delicious ways to make them into new meals.

Steak Fajita Nachos- spread layer that tortilla chips top top a baking sheet. Chop leftover fajitas into bite sized pieces and also sprinkle the meat, peppers and onions end the chips. Include corn and beans if desired. Then peak with shredded cheddar or mexi mix cheese. Roasted at 425˚F because that 8-12 minute or till cheese is melted. Steak Fajita burato Bowls– great rice, beans and also lettuce right into a bowl. Top with fajita leftovers, salsa, guac, tart cream and also cheese.Steak Fajita Salad– Chop romaine hearts and top v fajita leftovers, pico de gallo, sliced avocado and drizzle with ranch dressing.

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Fajita Fried Rice– Chop beef fajitas and also veggies into bite size pieces. Warm a skillet over high, add 1 tbsp vegetable oil. Then include cooked rice, fajitas, and also 1/2 cup salsa and also cook stirring frequently for 3-5 minutes. Push rice to the side and also fry and egg climate break the up and stir earlier together.

More Quick and also Easy Recipes

If you love the combo that easy and delicious in these skirt steak fajitas, then i hope girlfriend will uncover some much more recipes to try in our collection! here are a couple of favorites: