An aluminum atom has an atomic variety of 13 and a mass number of 27. A) How plenty of protons are there in one atom the aluminum? b) How countless neutrons are there in one atom that aluminum? c) How many electrons are there in an atom that aluminum?

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an aluminum atom has actually an atomic number of 13 and also a mass variety of 27. How many protons space there in an atom the aluminum?

Aluminum is an element. An aluminum atom consists of a positively fee nucleus surrounded by a negatively fee electron cloud. Inside the nucleus room positively fee protons and neutral neutrons. Our an initial question is, how plenty of protons space there in one atom that aluminum? as I’ve just said, those protons space to be uncovered in the nucleus. The concern has provided us 2 properties of an aluminum atom that could help: the atom number and also the massive number.

The atomic number of an atom is the number of protons in the cell core of that atom. Because that this aluminum atom and indeed every aluminum atoms, the atom number is same to 13. Therefore, the variety of protons in an atom that aluminum is 13. I’ll just store away that value since it will come in handy later.

How numerous neutrons space there in an atom the aluminum?

as with protons, neutrons deserve to be discovered in the cell nucleus of the atom of aluminum. To answer this part of the question, we’re going to require the fixed number. The massive number is the number of protons and also neutrons in the nucleus of the atom. For this particular atom of aluminum, the fixed number is 27. Therefore, in this specific atom the aluminum, the variety of protons and neutrons is 27. Therefore we deserve to calculate the variety of neutrons by acquisition the number of protons away from the number of protons and also neutrons. Therefore, the number of neutrons is equal to 27 protons and also neutrons minus 13 protons, i beg your pardon we can simplify come 27 minus 13 which offers us 14 neutrons. This is the very same number us would obtain if we took away the atomic number native the fixed number. For this reason this specific atom the aluminum has actually 14 neutrons.

Now, onto the last part of this question.

How numerous electrons room there in one atom that aluminum?

The electron of one atom the aluminum have the right to be uncovered in the an are around the nucleus. In order come answer this question, we require three bits the information. The first piece of details is that atoms in this context room neutral overall. Individual protons are claimed to have a fee of optimistic one and also electrons are said to have a fee of an unfavorable one. Neutrons have actually no fee whatsoever. So we don’t require to incorporate them in this part of the question. The overall charge because that an atom or ion is constantly the full charge that the proton plus the total charge of the electrons.

In this case, we have 13 protons. Therefore the charge of the proton is same to 13 multiply by the fee per proton positive one. The full charge that our electron is unknown since we don’t understand the number of electrons. Yet if us did, the total charge the electrons would be same to the number of electrons multiply by the charge per electron, an unfavorable one. In this case, we know that the in its entirety charge is same to zero. With a small bit that jiggling about, we deserve to see the the number of protons is same to the variety of electrons native neutral particle. Therefore, because that an atom of aluminum, there space 13 electrons within it.

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for this reason we’ve demonstrated the for an aluminum atom which has the atomic number of 13 and has a mass number of 27, there space 13 protons, 14 neutrons, and also 13 electrons.

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